• Yes, Bush should have won.

    Yes, Bush should have won. Of course you can say that the system might have been flawed... and it really might have been, but Bush won even after many recounts. The recounting could have gone on forever and it was just time for us to move on as a nation and stop counting.

  • Yes, Bush should have won the 2000 presedential election.

    Bush should have won the election in 2000 because he won the most electoral votes. While I feel the electoral college system is flawed because it allows candidates to win even if they receive fewer actual votes than their opponent, it was and is the law of the land. Further, while the result in Florida is controversial, Bush did receive the most votes. It would have been unfair to cherry pick counties based on their party affiliations for manual recounts.

  • Bush was right to win the 2000 election

    The election was close, and there was some concern about the vote count in Florida. However, after the investigation and all that craziness, the decision stood, and Bush went on to butcher another term. I felt that he needed a second term to pick up the pieces of his first term. Unfortunately he did not get that chance even though he was re-elected.

  • Yes he should have

    Yes, I do think that he should of won this election, and that is why he did win. He was the most qualified person running to take over this job, and he did a decent job while he was in office. I think that he should of won for sure.

  • no, he should not have.

    He did win the presidency, there is no doubt about that. But he won it by winning the electoral college and, one of the states (Florida to be exact), seems to have been rigged to declare him the winner. But, he lost the popular vote and that should decide who is president.

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