Should business be allowed on Sundays: Should shops and other commercial services be able to open on Sundays?

  • Open is good

    When open teens can get more hours in and get more money. When open business owners can make more profit. When open people can go buy food if they have none ate home so they do not starve. Day of rest should only be used to the people who want to, don't make us all do it

  • However the six hours should stay at that

    I have to work every weekend all weekend in a shop 11-8 Friday 12-4 Saturday and 9-4 Sunday it is long bough on a Sunday although I may not be of a religious faith it is still that for many people and other people have work the next day although it should be open for a short time there is no reason what so ever to be open longer

  • Whenever They Want

    Businesses and stores should be able to open at whatever times on whichever days they choose. It should be the sole decision of the business owner to decide what days and which hours to keep his or her store open. If a business owner wants to keep his or her store open on Sunday, nobody should tell them they can't.

  • Sunday Not What it Used to Be

    What stops me from getting work done or errands done on Sundays is not my desire for worship or family time, it is that everything closes early. When the tradition of a dead Sunday started, it was morally and socially relevant. We have all but lost those traditions in society, so why continue our business worlds in outmoded mores?

  • Malls/stores should not be open on sundays memorial day fourth of july and labor day

    Not fair for retail employees to work. It is family time. Always same ones work and others get to enjoy. If it is nice out retailers are not profiting and even if it is not malls/stores are still losing. Should be like the old days families spending time together making memories

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