Should business be more responsible for the environment and society?

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  • For sure. You will not be able to hide your greed.

    I do not care who you are or what you have, If you are in and around people who are less than and or more desperate. Will take from the man making money off the pennies they have and like a child hungry having to look at candy, Hungry knowing you are watching them. Because you took the money from family via marked up prices and disrespect and suspicion of the same person you would sale a pipe to or buy food stamps for 40/60 to stock your store. Race goes both ways. It takes one to know one. At least when we are talking about business and community involvement. Funding of tax payers money and faith offerings to church the man selling the products should never want to make customer in area a enemy. You should know the regulars and be aware if they are hungry and are buying booze instead of food. You have a responsibility to be kind and concerned. Like you are sealing to a out of town who has money and class enough to not care what you look like or how much you charge. He will not be back because you are not his class. I promise I would go out of my way to give my money to a person who gives back. Even if it is a smile and a reputation as a responsible business owner. Opportunity to prosper in environment. Not exploit it or be a opportunist. If you exploit you will be first place to steal or burn down when opportunity is at hand. Move on and open up right this time.

  • Environment Is the Foundation of a Healthy Business

    What we know about a sustainable society is the balance between environmental exploitation and reservation. Currently, more than 95 percent of products produced in society come from environmental raw materials. Vehicles require fuel taken from the nature, paper industry takes down thousands of trees every to maintain their profits, electricity we use today is the result of burned fossil fuel or nuclear reactions, which are also the product of million-year accumulation. Businesses, industries, and companies can never separate themselves from the environment, the biggest raw material supplier on earth. If people know that production company have to pay for their raw material supplication, then they also know they have to compensate for the environmental exploitation. If companies take down trees, then they have to plan more tree as a return; if they use water from rivers, they have to filter and clean it before they return it back. How can a person lend some money and return it back but cannot reserve the environment from devastation? How can parents teach their children to say "thank you" to their good friend but fail to teach them how to show appreciation to the environment? Many companies care so much on their revenues that they forget to show their appreciation to their supplier.
    Businesses can care their customers the best by protecting the environment, not only with the product quality. People wont feel satisfied with the company if their water is polluted, even though they have the best products in their hands. More seriously, a complaint for bad quality seems better than a lawsuit for environmental damages, and these companies obviously face the risk of dissolution.

  • Yes, a perfect way to relieve tax and encourage corruptions at a higher level!

    Accounting is always been a pivotal bottom pain for most organization. Which is why it is crucial for more corporate social responsibility such as this to lobby out the profit so that the poor gets poorer. In my organisation, the uneducated and poor are a strong supporter of the environment. They often complaint to me about "Save Paper, you can print both side" why you print that on a new paper? Or "Sheesh, is only $.01 per paper i am earning 100X the amount, what are you saving for?" So, by being more responsible = more profit! Thank you.

  • They don't look into things enough!

    My brother works for a construction company, and finds companies to supply them goods to make buildings. It was only the other day when he found out that one of the companies was supplying them wood from an illegal source, without them even realizing! It is just more profit for the illegal logging companies in places like the Congo, which make a killing, selling their wood to these huge companies that don't care about anything but money. And when was the last time you saw big companies like Wall-Mart, Airbus, and Microsoft splashing the cash on planting some trees in deforested land, or helping out people effected by it. Putting in money for wind farms, tidal energy, simple things like this, which would help our environment a lot, and cost them next to nothing compared to the amounts they get in.

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