Should business give up on shrink-wrapped software?

  • Like hard CD's, it is a thing of the past.

    Shrink-wrapped software should go away. Besides a very small niche market for non-internet computers (which can be solved with a flash drive!) there is no point to it. Like music, digital software allows instant ownership of it, and allows companies to provide a product with almost zero manufacturing cost. It is very eco-friendly as well. The main hold up is confirming that the software is authentic and from a trusted source.

  • Business should indeed give up shrink-wrapped software.

    There is no need to expend resources for something that could easily be made available for digital download online. In our current time it is a realist expectation that the end user have easy access to the Internet, and that they be capable of visiting a web page, downloading, and installing software.

  • Physical Media Less Handy, Support is Reducing Sharply

    There are two basic problems with shrink-wrapped software. The first is that physical media require a lot of care to package, ship, sell, and maintain. These factors detract from the profitability of the software. When the internet was harder to use, it made sense to shrink-wrap software, but now downloading software is a much better alternative. The second is that many computers are now being shipped without CD/DVD drives, which means shrink-wrapped software may not be installable on some machines.

  • No, I don't think businesses should give up on shrink-wrapped software.

    I think that shrink-wrapping software and putting it with your product is overall a good way to get mass adaptation of that software for that hardware, I think that overall the need for physical cd's is dying down in today's age but there is still a place for shrink-wrapped software to continue to exist.

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