Should business owners have the right to ban people of a certain religion from their stores?

  • An owner of a personal business should be allowed to ban certainty group of people.

    We are living in a democracy and here people can do what ever they want with it. If you do not like it leave to north Korea when you would not have own property. When someone is coming to your house you can ban this person from you property, so why company owners cannot do the same. It is there property and they can do what ever they want to do with it!

  • Why not? Let's see how the owner will do,

    It would be straight up suicide in most cases anyway if a business owner would reject an applicant based on their religious beliefs. Besides people are so sensitive about the magic man (coming from a religious person myself) they would go complain on social media and start an online movement who would boycott a store they've probably never went into. When I was a cleark I was told there was a no hat policy (basically couldn't have nothing on your head) which I thought was odd info since I don't wear anything on my hat. Yet a year or so after I quit I was shopping at the same store a girl was stacking groceries while wearing a hijab. I knew almost everybody else who worked there and they all came in with caps and removed them when they went to work but she was an exception.

  • A business is open to all.

    A business is open to any costumers, regardless of their opinions and beliefs. You could argue yes out of spite that the business will eventually fail, however, that is childish and illegal. Another argument is that people are entitled to their opinions, so if a business owner doesn't like (insert group here) then he/she shouldn't have to provide to them. Although a person can hold any opinion, it should not interfere with the commerce. Chick fil a is known for its Christian owners who are against gay marriage, but gays just like everyone else have the right to choose where to spend their money. Allowing business owners to discriminate against their customers is not only illegal, it's moronic.

  • Allowing businesses to ban people based on religion would undo the decades that went into passing the Civil Rights Act.

    "Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals against employment discrimination on the bases of race and color, as well as national origin, sex, and religion.". This applies to all businesses with 15 or more employees. Reversing this would set a dangerous precedent. Today it could be muslims or gay couples, tomorrow it could be black people. Segregation could make a comeback. Besides, its in a busniessowners own best-interest to sell things to people To paraphrase John Kasich, "Just sell the guy a cupcake and move on".

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