• Businesses taxes should be eased.

    I feel that businesses taxes should be reduced to ease corporate downsizing. In the US corporations are facing tough times with the health care reform. This is raising costs of insurance and small businesses are suffering. Sometimes their only option is to layoff employees. This is why taxes need to be reduced to ease corporate downsizing.

  • Yes, I think business taxes should be reduced to ease corporate downsizing.

    Overall I think the less taxes on businesses the more money they will have to reinvest in their businesses, so the amount they save by having their taxes reduced could save those people who were going to be laid of in a downsizing, I think overall the less taxes the better.

  • Yes, Reduce Taxing on Businesses To Encourage Growth

    Taxes put an incredible burden upon businesses. The taxes obviously help the country by providing other sectors of the government with funding, but at the expense of the corporations looking to grow. If we reduce our level of taxation of businesses, which only seems to grow each year, our businesses will begin to grow and thrive, thus hiring more workers.

  • No,business taxes should not be reduced to ease corporate downsizing.

    No,taxes should not be reduced to ease corporate downsizing.Large corporations would just use this as a type of loophole to not pay their fair share.They should want to keep jobs in America because of patriotism and loyalty for what America has done for them,not because they might get a tax break.

  • Rich Finds a Way

    There is a lot of power in money. Enough power that corporations do not need to worry about their failures actually having consequences. The truth of the matter is that there is no need to downsize, and when a corporate interest says they are sweating financially, it is most likely a lie to try and avoid paying their proper dues.

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