• Yes i am agreeing with yes because people should spend time family.

    Yes because if you shop on thanksgiving your not celebrating it right. You should go to the store the day before thanksgiving. Also you need to spend time with your family all day long. Also eat turkey and dinner. For the last 2 years i haven't been in Colorado i was in Vegas and Mexico.

  • A wife of a Retail Worker

    Here is my argument - this country was founded on on Christian values. Other faiths were welcomed .. Now if you are not a follower of Christ then that is your choice and BUT no one should force a family to have that quality family life a Christian so much earns for ... If the government can shut down why not businesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This year my husband took a supervisor position and now he is scheduled to 3p- 11 which is so upserb

  • Hell to the yes

    Hey im a person that is awesome and is the most awesomest person ever yes i already said that but i wanted to say it again. Okay well i have purple eyes and they are amazing and yeah i tatood my eyes it hurt but i got over it. I gtg bye.

  • Family is more important

    Ive been working in a Fast Food/ Grocery store for about 3 years now and have worked Thanksgiving for the past 4 years ( I had another job prior to this one) and we are opened (normal hours) on thanksgiving. We are never busy. Its like a ghost town. If we do happen to get any business it isnt till much later like after 6pm. I think We should be closed so EVERYONE has the opportunity to be with family/friends. I think it costs way more to keep us open and running than it would to just close.

  • It is the owner's choice

    It should be a person's choice whether they wish to operate during Thanksgiving or not. It should not be necessary to have to go 'celebrate' a certain holiday. How would you feel if you were forced to follow certain guidelines to celebrate Eid, Diwali, or even Easter or Christmas. It seems like Christian holidays are forced on people in Western culture, and if this is the case for Thanksgiving, the same should be done then for Eid and Diwali, along with any other sort of celebration from another religion/culture. Who wouldn't want more holidays? In the case of Thanksgiving, I understand if people want to leave and be with their family, but this would motivate people leaving for other celebrations, and could promote 'impersonation' of other faiths. I could go to my office and say I'm Hindu, let me off for Diwali. This seems extreme, but if you're allowed to be off for Thanksgiving, then it should be acceptable for any other celebration.

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