Should businesses be forced to pay their interns?

Asked by: Beckybooleeson
  • Yes they should

    I mean why the hell not? Everyone needs money. Even college students doing internships. Especially college students that is. To not pay someone for their work is not good. Its not right. Its not american. Pay people for t heir work, no matter how much or what the work is

  • Exploitation of a worker

    Internship still involves doing some work and should thus be paid as such. Just because the company taking you as an intern is helping you achieve the next level it doesn't mean you aren't contributing to their success by providing your time and labour. What's more is that because interns are not paid they are not regarded as employees and are thus abused and mistreated. Sexual harassment is also rampant and interns have no leverage to do anything about it. Interns should be paid and regarded as employees, enough of of this corporate welfare.

  • Cause they should

    They work so why not pay them? Its like going to the bathroom and not using it. Its dumb when they don't get paid so just pay them. Okay?Okay. Thank you. Pay the interns and we'll all be happy. Just pay them. Please. And thank you. Pay them. The end.

  • Unfortunately this is no good

    Companies offer internships as an investment, and just like people, they get what they pay for. Google and Facebook pay top dollar to attract the brightest students from Harvard and MIT. Similar companies recruit there and don't pay but students know they have a high chance of getting a high paying job, which makes those 12 unpaid weeks very much worth it, so they still go there. And you move down the ladder from there. Some people can't even land unpaid internships. If you can't afford an internship or don't see it benefiting you in the long run, it doesn't make sense to take it.

  • Internships are agreements

    Both parties are benefitting. The intern would not accept an unpaid internship if they did not believe that it was their best option. According to economics, if the interns had something better to do, they would be doing it. This also works out very well for businesses because it allows them to see the skills of the intern before actually hiring them, if they ever do. If not, the internship becomes a great piece of the intern's resume that will hopefully bring about a well paying job.

  • The definition of Internship

    An internship is unpaid. That should be the end of the conversation.

    To say otherwise would be like saying, a stay-at-home parent should get paid. Or, a minimum wage worker should be aid more than minimum wage. As an individual, you make the decision to apply for an internship or be a stay at home parent or accept a minimum wage job. These are position chosen by the individual. Often times, you have to work hard to end up in one of these scenarios.

    Have a sense of responsibility. If you do not want an unpaid internship, then do not apply for the position.

  • They are paid with experience

    An intern is someone who is hired by a company or business to learn a new skill. Why would and should a company or business pay a person who is their to learn a new skill? Would an art teacher pay you to learn how to draw? Think about it this way, interns are being paid with knowledge.

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