• It would be great publicity and show great humanity.

    Yes, I think that businesses should be more willing to hire homeless employees. In cases where employable homeless people are available, they are usually backed up by a huge social service safety net to support them. This means they are typically prompt, capable, and dependable. It would also be great publicity for firms who do this.

  • They probably should

    Homeless people are not by definition useless or lazy, some just need to be given a chance. If given that chance, they could prove a lot of people wrong. It's virtually impossible for homeless people to get a legitimate job, businesses should give some of them an opportunity to make something of themselves.

  • Yes, if someone has the abilty to perform the job

    Businesses should be more willing to hire the homeless candidate if, they have the ability to perform the job, have reliable transportation, gives it there all every single day. There are a lot of good reasons why a business should consider hiring the homeless candidates, for example there improving the community.

  • No, I recruiter check their background first.

    No, I think recruiter at a very large staffing company have never been allowed to hire a homeless person. When they went through their training process, they were always told that they needed to make sure the person they are hiring for the position was stable. Meaning, they had to have reliable transportation and decent work history

  • No, businesses should not be more willing to hire homeless employees.

    This is a difficult argument to make without sounding heartless, but it should not be private enterprise's responsibility to get the homeless back on their feet. The task of rehabilitating the homeless must fall to the government, and if that involves giving them some form of employment on government projects, that would be even better. At that point a program can be instituted to encourage business to hire more people who were recently homeless, but have since gone through government rehabilitation to gain skills and show responsibility.

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