Should businesses be subsidized for making energy efficiency improvements?

  • Yes, businesses should be subsidized for making energy effecient improvements.

    Providing an incentive program for companies to be more energy efficient helps allow the businesses to swing enough money to make the energy improvements that will help the environment. Many times businesses are not able to make the energy efficient choice simply because it doesn't fit into their budget. By subsidizing them, it helps more businesses make the changes and helps reduce the nations energy consumption.

  • We should help businesses save the planet

    We as a community, that is to say consumer and businesses and legislators all live on the same planer. If some scheme could be envisioned that allowed each group to work together for the benefit of this one planet, then, such schemes out to be considered. There is but one Earth, we must all do our part. Subsidies are a small price to pay.

  • Pro Energy Biz subsidies

    The government should be subsidizing energy improvements. The demand for expedient, reliable clean energy cannot be refuted. Humans need to immediately reverse the role we are playing in climate change. The environmental concerns eclipse any kind of free market objections; There wont be an economy or government to save if we fail to adapt.

  • No energy subsidies

    Businesses should not be subsidized for making energy efficient improvements. They are already being rewarded through lower energy costs. They do not need further reward from the taxpayers. With so many government programs in trouble, we do not need new, unnecessary spending. Government needs to but out of more things and go own a budget diet.

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