Should businesses, insurance companies be allowed to use your credit rating to determine your employment status, insurance rates, etc.?

  • It shows character.

    Yes, businesses, insurance companies and the like should be allowed to use your credit rating to determine your employment status and insurance rates, because it is a good way to tell how responsible a person is. If they have been responsible before, it is likely that they will be responsible again.

  • Credit rating should not affect employment

    Credit card companies have gone way too far in recent years in their attempts to squeeze every last bit of money out of their customers. Because of this fact, it is unfortunate that many employers and insurers are beginning to use credit card rates as a metric of an individual.

  • Your credit rating should be off limits to all but lenders.

    Using your credit rating as a determining factor for employment is really going a little too far. Your credit rating should be available to prospective lenders only. It's possible for very responsible people to have very poor credit ratings due to life events such as excessive medical bills, divorce, or even identity theft.

  • Not For All

    I can understand how insurance companies use this information to come up with accurate rates and I support those functions but I do not believe it is right that an employer can require access to your credit score and then determine your employment status based on that information. Employers shouldn't be able to, nor allowed to use this information. This system punishes those who have had hard financial times and that can be said of far too many Americans who didn't necessarily do anything to deserve those troubles.

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