Should businesses make Election Day, Nov. 4, a paid holiday for all employees to give citizens an optimal window of opportunity to vote?

  • We Need It

    Holidays exist to highlight values important to the nation. Nothing is more important to a democracy than participation of the citizenry. Regardless of whether it will increase turnout (which it will), establishing National Election Day as a Federal Holiday will properly honor the obligation of the democratic citizen. Therefore, National Election Day should be a Federal Holiday

  • Voter Turnout would take huge leaps

    Voting is rigged in this country to let the least amount of people vote. Specifically poor people. If Election Day was made a holiday, parents would have time to go out and vote while having the rest of the day to take care of their kids. Polling hours are horrible and fall basically in the 9-5 hours. Making Election Day a holiday would increase vote turnout HUGELY and would hopefully let us get a better idea of who the country wants in power.

    Posted by: WSB
  • It's hard to focus when something this big is happening

    I personally find it a little difficult to focus at work when all I can think about is the turnout of the election. While it doesn't prohibit me from voting since there are laws that force companies to give me a lot of time to vote if I need it, I feel my time on this day would be better spent volunteering for the future of my country instead of sitting at my desk unable to completely focus because of the current exciting history making event.

  • Some people have back-to-back jobs which makes it harder for them to vote.

    Some people do work ALL DAY long. A lot of people have a morning and a night job. Some rarely get time off. It would make it easier, a lot easier. On top of that, on election day the polling place is usually walking distance to your house. The ones that have early voting often are far away depending on the county. So for some people who don't have transportation but work close to home and work a full day, it is better for them to have a designated day off so for SURE they can vote.

  • I support making Election Day a holiday, because voting is an important part of American identity and pride, and companies should encourage voting.

    Companies are often founded to work like democracies, in which all employees and, more importantly, shareholders, have an equal voice. If companies taught this, then they should respect national elections and give people a holiday. It is also an important process for our nation and communities, and it affects everybody, including in the office. It is too important to have people miss it due to work that can be delayed, in most cases.

    Posted by: WantingStefan37
  • I think giving all citizens a paid holiday on Nov. 4 would encourage higher voter turnout.

    Giving everyone a paid holiday on Nov. 4, Election Day, would help to encourage a much higher voter turnout at each election. Trying to vote on Election Day is extremely difficult, marred by long lines and people in a time crunch to get back to work. Early voting helps but, often, it is not possible to go early or to mail in your vote.

    Posted by: CompleteJerrod
  • I feel that Election Day should be a paid holiday because it would allow individuals to vote.

    Businesses should have Election Day set up as a paid holiday or at least partially paid in order to allow their employees to have time to vote. That being said, I feel that employees should show proof that they had voted. Many people use the fact that they had to work as an excuse not to vote and this would then increase voter turn out.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • I agree that Election Day should be a paid holiday because it would enable many more people to vote without a lot of hassle.

    I definitely agree that Election Day should be a paid holiday. Election Day is very important and the more citizens who can vote, the better. Sometimes it is difficult for working people to get to the polls when they are open. This could also help to spread attendance at the polls over a whole day and help eliminate or improve the lines that some people encounter before or after work.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • I favor making Election Day a paid holiday because it will make a social statement that public participation is a civic responsibility in a democracy.

    Employers generally make allowances for jury duty as a civic responsibility. I think our democracy is at risk because of declining recognition of the social importance of participating in the political process. Employers can help make Election Day recognized as a time to put civic responsibility ahead of private profit.

    Posted by: w2dellport
  • Yes, that's a fantastic idea, then people would be much more optimistic about voting.

    If businesses gave their employees Election Day off, I think a lot more people would turn out to vote than do now. People don't like rushing to get to the polls before they close. They hate standing in long lines with other people who either wait until the last minute or who just got off work themselves. It would give a certain celebratory feeling to the day, if people actually got a day off work, paid, in order to cast their ballots and let their voices be heard.

    Posted by: PinkMych
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  • A Privilege and an Obligation

    If something is really important to you, you make it happen. Plan: Tell your boss a month ahead of time you'll need to take paid time off--if you get it. And if you don't get it, you may have to sacrifice some money for the greater good. Trust that God will do right by you since you're doing the right thing by voting in this privileged land He founded. Easier said than done, I know. But I've sacrificed money to do the right thing many times in my life, and the Lord has yet to let me down. Show your gratitude for the Land of the Free, AND FIND A WAY TO VOTE! NO EXCUSES! We owe it to all of the men and women who have fought for our freedom.

  • Polls are open late.

    It should not be a paid holiday or a day off. Voting polls open early and stay open late so the employees should be able to get into the polls and vote either before or after work. Most employers will also allow an employee to take a break to go vote.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • It is not fair for a business to absorb the cost of giving everyone a day off for voting.

    There is no reason a business should lose money by giving employees a day
    off to vote. I'm sure some would gladly take the day off and never even vote
    anyway. Most everyone can find a way to vote, no matter what else the day
    brings. So, employers need not foot the bill for this.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • No, November 4 should not be a paid holiday, because citizens that want to vote have ample time to cast their vote, without being off of work.

    For most citizens, the polls are open long enough to get to them, before or after work. Many work places also give workers a break on these days, if they need to vote. If it is impossible to vote on this day, citizens already have the option of early voting. If someone wants to vote, they make sure they vote. If a person says they didn't get to vote because of work, that was just an excuse by someone who did not value democracy.

    Posted by: I0ckHead
  • I do not agree that is should be a federal holiday, because it is a right, not an obligation.

    I really do not feel it is the responsibility of a business to have to pay an employee to have to go vote. Voting is something that is not mandatory. It is a privilege, and does not carry a penalty if we do not do it. If a person decides or elects to take the day off to go vote, then that is their choice. They have the option to decide to either work and get paid, or take off work, vote, and not get paid. We also have the option to vote through an absentee ballot system.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Businesses should not make election day a paid holiday, because they would go broke by doing so.

    Making election day a paid holiday won't encourage voter response. It will, however, increase DUIs considerably. Those who vote will do so, whether they get paid to or not. And those who don't will get paid for doing nothing. Many businesses cannot even afford to carry insurance for their employees, or pay overtime. They certainly cannot afford to be closed for a day, and then pay every employee for time off.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • I oppose having employers give paid time off for election day.

    This is just a silly gesture. There's no reason why you can't make it out to vote. There are plenty of other ways to go about it. What about a good old absentee ballot? In my opinion, you don't work all day long, thus you should have ample time to take care of voting.

    Posted by: goshdarn
  • Early voting and extended voting hours solve this issue.

    Early voting in most states extends for several weeks before the election. If someone cannot make it into the polling place on November 4th, they can vote in person for most of October. If they cannot vote on 11/4 due to business reasons, they can request a mail in ballot several weeks before the election. Extended voting hours from 7 AM to 7 PM or 8 AM to 8 PM in many jurisdictions allow people to vote before work on voting day. We don't need another paid holiday to encourage people to vote. We will get more people to vote if they use the many opportunities they already have.

    Posted by: Pir4And

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