• It is more fair.

    Yes, businesses should move all public employees to 401ks, because that is the most fair to the people who pay their wages through taxes. There is no reason that a government job should be such a plum. They should have what the rest of us have and that is a 401k.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe all public employees should have 401(k)s and the pensions should be eliminated. Pensions are not sustainable, but 401(k)s pay out the money immediately to collect interest in a privately owned account. Businesses can chose to patch some or all contributions. This allows for adjustments as well, as time changes.

  • Not if it fits interest

    There is no way in the world that business should all make this when it comes to their employees. Well this may be good for some here in the United States of America it is not good for all of them. Perhaps employees and employers should have a talk about this issue.

  • Businesses should not move all employees to 401ks.

    It is my opinion that businesses should not move all of their employees to 401k plans. Not every employee would benefit from this type of investment plan, and businesses should not make it mandatory for their employees to invest in it. The choice should remain with the people who are putting money into the program or not.

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