• Businesses Should Offer Paid Summer Breaks

    Yes, I think that businesses should offer paid summer breaks for their employees. People could take turns with which summer they would get off so that the business could still run. This would help with employee morale which in turn, would help with business. This would be especially helpful for employees with children.

  • Some Companies Give Workers Unlimited Vacation

    Although some notable companies have already embraced the idea, it's too early to call the concept a trend — The Society for Human Resource Management found that only 1 percent of companies are offering unlimited paid time off. But those that do are happy with the results.

    At Netflix, "people appreciate the flexibility and do a good job of balancing their vacation time with those of others and the work we all aim to get done," said spokesman Jonathan Friedland.

    Dan Price, founder and CEO of credit card processing company Gravity Payments in Seattle, agreed. "The idea is that you are now judging employees on their work and results," he said.

    Price points to a positive example: "We have an employee whose mother continues to battle cancer. ... The unlimited PTO policy has allowed this employee to not spend time worrying about squirreling away vacation days, or the perception of having to risk his work reputation."

  • Businesses should not offer summer paid breaks

    Businesses should not offer summer paid breaks for their employees. If it is a business that operated through summer months than no it should not. They will need their employees to be working during the summer. They should however offer some paid vacations for employees at different times so as not to upset the balance of the people able to work.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    I don't understand why any company would do this. For some companies the summer is their biggest sale time anyway. Also if everyone got off in the Summer then vacation places would be horribly busy and no one would be able to do anything. This places an undo burden on businesses.

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