Should buying, owning, and using weapons (as well carrying a weapon legally) be banned in the United States Of America?

  • Private owing of fire arm is doing more harm than good to the crime.

    Owning fire arm, does not only allow people to defend themselves, it also allow them to turn criminal more easier now as they controlled weapon. In fact, owning gun can do very little against organized crime who had far better equipment and network than ordinary citizen, and if it is only a petty criminal we're talking about, we should be able to handle them with other non-lethal weapon.

    Owning a gun is in fact, lowering the standard of living as it exposed more part people to a risk of accident, making law enforcement more difficult, and allow people to rely more on violence and should be banned altogether.

  • Why not, if all guns can do is damage?

    The only the thing you can do with guns is hurt people, so why have them?! They are pointless and it should also be illegal to make the guns. THERE is no need for weapons or war. Terrorists are anything else in today's world!! Why can't some people pull their weight to make this world a better place?!

  • No guns equals no gun deaths, it's so simple people!

    Sure, gun accidents are rare and due to improper handling. But most suicides are committed with firearms. This shows us that people cannot be trusted with their own safety. As far as protection, that's what the police are for. the use of arms should be reserved for trained professionals in the employ of the government, because the government is always there when you need help, and never in history has a government harmed, persecuted, imprisoned or killed its citizens without just cause and the good of the nation in mind. Sure, the average police response time is 6 minutes, but what could a criminal really do in that time? And you will always be able to dial 911, even if you're being attacked. And yeah, the police aren't obligated to respond, but they always do, because they are there for your wellbeing. Government exists to control people so that society can thrive. Our democracy is immune to all forms of corruption by its very design.

  • Sure when people become civilized

    Its funny to see people jump on the constitution bandwagon when it comes to guns when any other time they want to wipe their ass with the constitution. I don't like guns or the people who carry them u mention gun laws and a hundred rednecks blow their feet off that week. I will support guns while people display savage behavior when people become civilized guns will lose their use. Guns are barely ever used in self defense mostly used by cowards and criminals to kill descent people.

  • Is this seriously even a question???

    Read the Constitution. These people pushing for gun control are insane. Do they honestly believe that people will give up their Constitutional Rights? These rights are even God-Given. Trying to take away guns will result in war...To suggest that guns are evil and such is outrageous. Schools ban all guns. All forms of weapons. Cupcakes with toy soldiers on them. Food shaped in such a way that resembles a gun. Yet, when something happens, who do they call to come and save them? People with guns. Go figure.

  • Absolutely 100% no

    Our founding fathers didn't only include the 2nd amendment in our constitution to protect us from criminals, it was also installed to protect us from our own government. Thomas Jefferson especially foresaw our government, as happens with any government, becoming tryrannical, and even said explicitly that the 2nd amendment was for that reason. "The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."~Thomas Jefferson. The government derives its authority from the consent of the governed, and I, as well as millions of others in this country, refuse to be governed by a state which arms itself while refusing its citizens from arming themselves. Most gun crime involves illegally owned weapons. Banning weapons from legal, law abbiding citizens won't help at all. So I under no circumstances, support the banning of selling, buying or owning weapons.

  • The Constitution of the United States says no.

    There is no other argument. The Constitution, the values and rights this country was founded on, says we have the right to bear arms. Period. I need no other argument, but I will give you one. Every single government in History, from England to Rome, has eventually, when given too much power and money, overpowered and enslaved its citizens in one form or another and, in time, the government has given ITSELF absolute power over those citizens. This may not happen in 200 years of America or 300 , but it WILL happen eventually. History and human nature bear this out as a universal truth.

  • No, absolutely not.

    It is a constitutional right to be able to own carry and operate a firearm. This is not only just to "defend oneself," it is also to protect yourself against a tyrannical government. We must also think that America is active in several wars and combat missions abroad and upon an invasion of this country citizens should be allowed to defend themselves.

  • Guns in law abiding citizens hands are no threat.

    A gun in the hands of law abiding citizens has killed no one besides criminals. Occasionally, there is a suicide or an accidental death. It's not the gun's fault. It's the person's fault. Stripping peoples rights to bear arms will cause crime to skyrocket. Criminals can get guns and bring them in illegally and sell the to other criminals the same way they do drugs. Just ask the Cartel. No one has the right to tell another person they don't have the right to defend themselves in the way they best feel fit. And you can't use the whole "Oh but what about the 20 kids argument" Seriously. If those 20 kids would have died on 20 different days in 20 different places, the media couldn't care less. They just use this "tragedy" as a way to push an Agenda

  • No, guns are used for protection/food.

    Guns can be used to protect yourself from intruders who illegally have a gun, rather than getting killed. Guns can also be used to hunt for your food. If you are low in the freezer and need some food, you can grab your gun and go hunting to get your family food.

  • Heavy gun control making owning, buying, and using firearms illegal would do little to decrease gun control, seeing as criminals obtain their firearms illegally.

    Criminals obtain weapons illegally, so banning weapons will do nothing. More unarmed citizens means more criminals able to carry out their crimes and making more gun violence while good law-abiding citizens cannot protect themselves. So, if it was a known fact the person a criminal was about to rob or murder has a weapon, it would not stop him? Ah, that's why there are so many robberies and mass murders at gun stores and police stations. So apparently, gun laws will stop the criminals.

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smokinwyld says2013-03-07T03:43:09.340
1: It's a 2nd Amendment Constitutional right put there by the framers as a preventative and cautionary method in the event that should the government become corrupt people have the right to bear arms and form a necessary militia against corrupt government and it's military. The idea is that people need to control the government and military through reasoned decisions without mob rule. History and statistics show that crime rates with guns escalate with gun control methods established, where in places where there are more law abiding citizens carrying guns and protection there is less crime associated with guns. Irresponsible gun owners are among the population that is known in statistics for having their weapon turned on them or their families. Part of that irresponsibility is the lack of knowledge of how to handle the weapon before effort to use, and the lack of storing the weapon in a safe place. Responsible law abiding gun owners know that guns are a weapon, it is to be treated with respect and used as such. There are rare instances where guns still are stolen from law abiding citizens properly stored safes and there are reasons why such cases should be or are reported to the police as soon as possible. In most cases following the rules of gun safety and responsibility it is smarter, safer, and wiser to own a gun.

2: Guns are a weapon of protection not just to go to war if our government were to become corrupt enough to nullify our Constitutional rights, but also against criminals and invading forces should any enemy try to take over, and in the unlikely event of government collapse without invasion we should have the protection already on hand in case of anarchy.
smokinwyld says2013-03-07T03:44:16.653
It's also important for those that hunt.