• Bystanders has caused many casualties

    There were many crimes that happened cause of bystanders that didn’t help. Take a case that happen in china . Yue Yue a 2 years old child that hit by 2 cars but no one helped her. There is 18 bystanders that didn’t help yue yue and the 19th woman helped her but its too late. Yue yue died. That’s mean if the 1st bystander helped her and brought her to hospital. Yue yue’s life could be saved. That’s why bystanders must be punished.

  • Bystanders are inhuman if they don't help . Inhuman people should be punished .

    Humans are a social race . If social norms are not respected , how do we expect to live ? What if we got into an accident , and people just went by , looking at us as if saying " your bad luck " . How would we feel ? Would we still live after that if the accident is fatal like the case of Yue Yue ? But , bystanders cannot be punished physically , as they did not perpetrate the crime . But , they should be punished socially , like shunning them from social life .

  • Yes yes yes

    What if the people don't report the crime. Somebody could die or get hurt really really bad. Or if somebody is drinking and gets in his car. Later he gets in a wreck and people die. That would be your fault because you didn't report the person drinking and driving.

  • They are just as guilty

    For example if someone was to drive off the road and you didn't stop and neither did the next ten people didn't stop, but by the eleventh person it was too late they were already dead. Just for victims, by the time someone was to stand up it could be too late..

  • They are just as guilty

    Like for example if someone drove off the road and crashed and you didn't stop and neither did the next ten people, but as soon as the eleventh person stopped it was too late, the person was already dead. That is kind of how it is with a bully and it's bystanders like by the time someone was to stand up for the victim it could be too late.

  • If It Were You

    Witness of a crime should absolutely be charged for not helping when possible. No its not their responsibility but it should be human nature to intervene when witnessing a crime or wrongful act. That's whats wrong with the world now nobody will take action until their on the other side of the fence and someone fails to hep them. Yes it could in some cases lead to more injuries or deaths but help from some one else could possibly save a life

  • Not doing anything is understandable

    A person might be afraid of retaliation if its a crime. If its an accident the person may be afraid of getting run over themselves. There are a number of good reasons somebody might not intervene. And even if there's not really a reason the person watching could've simply been in shock over it and so didn't do anything because of their emotional reaction to the scene not because of callously refusing to take responsibility.

  • It isn't their business.

    During a crime if a person is not directly involved it should be up to them whether or not they get involved. By punishing bystanders you are punishing them for a crime they did not commit. Why should someone risk their life for someone they don't know, unless they feel the need.

  • People doesn't know everything, and sometimes do dumb thing.

    When someone else is not crying for help, other people doesn't have to help them. There can be many reasons for not helping other people. Maby they didn't wanted to get revenge by criminal, or they just had more important things to do. They can think that other people was already helping, and 911 will come soon. When people are not helping another, that means that there are other things that are more important to them. It is very hard for the judge to decide who is responsible for this crime.

  • Do your best do what you feel is right dont beat yourself up if thats not much

    As a human being it's up to you to decide what feels right. I guess you should do your best, but this may be limited. If someone is knocked over by a car for example.
    It may not be safe. You don't want to endanger yourself or other pedestrians / drivers. Running out & getting run over too helps noone. You may be in shock. You may be old/very young/ not physically or mentally able to help in anyway. Even if you're the average adult who can intervene, now what? Attempt CPR? Not many know first aid or have the courage to use their little practised probably out of date knowledge. Someone else may already have attended to them, if you don't know how to help, you will be getting in the way, adding to the confusion & crowding them.
    Maybe calling an ambulance is all you can do.
    What if the injured person has no other carers - so you run through the traffic, do first aid, call an ambulance and stay with them-at what point does this person stop being your individual responsibility? Should you go with them to the hospital, help them go to the loo, remind them to take medicine, drive them home, drop in everyday and make their lunch?
    If you witness a crime, again putting yourself in danger too is helping noone. Do your best, maybe call the police - go to their aid when its safe. If there is a crowd of you who witness a mugging then collectively maybe you have responsibility and it would be safer to approach, but as an individual that seems an unfair responsibility. If its a crazy with a machine gun, even as a crowd you run. If the opportunity arises to help another bystander out of harms way great, but it is not a crime to just try and survive.
    You also don't know the situation - what if you intervene when you witness a man holding a screaming woman down on the floor - he's the attacker right? You're brave and strong enough to pull him off the woman. Wrong- in this situation he was acting defensively, turns out shes a really angry lady weilding a knife and threatening people.
    How many of the YES people intervene when they see homeless people? Their need is not as immediate as needing medical attention or theyll die in 5 mins. But they don't have any food or shelter, they might die of hypothermia or malnutrition etc. As an individual what can you do? Give em cash or a cup of tea, or if you're clued up let them know where there's a shelter they can go to. Collectively maybe we should be doing things. If you're community spirited you could join a group that looks after homeless people or start one up - some people have a great capacity and skill for caring for others - but not all of us do.

  • Punishing someone for witnessing something.......Welcome to 1984

    In a free society there can't be an authoritarian presence, and implementing any law even close to something like this would mean nothing less than creating a big brother style police state.
    This essentially means that anyone who sees anything what the government deems illegal and either doesn't react at all or reacts in an unpopular manor could be held liable, depending on the governments assessment............All of you yes voter should go for a year long trip to Saudi Arabia, after than I'd love to see if you still think totalitarianism is the way to go..

  • They are only innocents themselves.

    Although I think that we should help people in need, it is completely understandable that people wouldn't help out. The least someone could do is call the emergency services or police to help, because that is what they are for. It is not my job to help someone being mugged, but calling the police would be enough. If someone was shot in an alley, people would not try and stop the shooter in fear of getting shot. We are all civilians who (supposedly) have authorities and laws there to protect us, but this isn't the case.

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