• Yes, they're missing history.

    Because of the current rules, there are no C-SPAN cameras capturing the Democrat's gun control sit in. They are limited, instead, to the footage that they are given by the House of Representatives. By not allowing the cameras to come inside, the House is keeping C-SPAN from doing its Constitutionally protected job as part of the press.

  • Yes, they should be allowed to have control over their own cameras.

    The fact that the Republicans were able to turn off the C-SPAN cameras at their own discretion is appalling. Every network should be able to maintain full control over their own cameras, C-SPAN included, otherwise we have incidents like this one, where the public is cut off from vital information due to the childish whims of obstructionist politicians.

  • People Have the Right To Know What Their Government is Doing

    Republicans used the current rulings to remove cameras from the democratic sit-in. This is a dirty trick to take attention away from the sit-in. These rules allow for many things to go unseen by the American public. It is the right of the American people to have a transparent government that doesn't hide its policy makers behind loopholes.

  • Yes, C-SPAN should push to be able to provide coverage of what is actually happening.

    Many people complain that the media is corrupt in the United States, and doesn't cover the real truth of what is happening in the government. The truth is that they aren't allowed to cover what is happening. There is no way we can expect actually democracy in this country unless the government is open and transparent about what it is doing. This mean allowing changes to the camera rules.

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