Should cable and satellite companies offer search engines to go with listings of movies and tv shows

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • It's not that hard

    Nobody wants to have to scroll all the way down from A to Z just to watch a movie. I have Charter and they don't have a search engine. They should. If not that then they should at least have lists based on the letter or a range of letters like a list of a-d, e-h, ... The current set up makes you start at A and scroll all the way down to z. You can't even scroll up to get to z!

    Is it really prohibitively expensive to make this feature more convenient? Somehow I doubt that. Simply making the scrolling go backwards if you go up from A, so you can get to the lower letters faster would seem to be a very cheap change. It would seem like a simple matter of management telling programmers "we want it to be designed with a search engine." or even just "so you can scroll up from A into Z." I only know a little about computer programming but it doesn't seem like such small changes would cost that much money to implement if at all.

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