• People will find a way to get it free. If I'm paying then no commercials

    It should be free because it is a dying media outlet. We have so many free choices on the net now days. Sure we may have to watch ads but you have to watch commercials on TV even though you pay for it. People will always find a way to obtain free tv

  • Cable should absolutely be free!

    How are we supposed to progress into an information era if many are unable to afford it? Entertainment asside, it is our way of being in touch with the world through news. Besides, those cables run through our public and private property and were put there with the help of our taxpayer money; it's really just a big scam!

  • Cable should be free.

    Cable should be free because some wireless monopolies could charge you more and some people in the nation can't afford cable to watch their favorite channels like Disney channel or Freeform. Those channels are only on cable or satellite television. If cable is affordable, then people are happy about it.

  • Cable should be free.

    People paid a lot of money in a monthly bill. Cable has a lot of channels including local channels. If people cannot afford cable, then people cannot watch their favorite channels like Disney channel. Some full episodes online in websites of channels require cable subscription. If cable is free, then the people will be happy.

  • Cable Television Should Not Be Free

    No, cable television should not be free as it is a for-pay service that brings entertainment to a household. Entertainment, especially of the television variety, is not cheap to make, and as such, it is reasonable for cable operators to wish to recoup their costs. Whether or not the current costs are warranted is something that shall be solved in the free market.

  • Cable is an industry and couldn't possibly be free

    Cable is not a right, it is an industry. As an industry it requires customers, and could not make enough money with advertising alone. If it were to become free, all cable programs would be riddled with ads, and networks would not have enough money to keep making top-tier television.

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