Should Caitlyn Jenner be rewarded for her advocacy to the transgender community like she is?

  • Caitlyn Jenner Awarded for Courage

    Caitlyn Jenner should definitely be awarded for her bravery and courage forcoming outout so publicly as transgender. In the celebrity world, couples are congratulated on their ability to "consciously uncouple". They are awarded for their generosity to charities and for their presence with the terminally ill. It is no secret that what most of the public sees from their idols they will want to take part in, be grateful for or have the strength to also do. Caitlyn's coming out and public acceptance will help others who are hiding their inner selves. As must as they award music, health and fitness; courage should also be awardedawarded.

  • Any transformation should be celebrated

    Regardless of whether or not she has money, a publicity team and a strong promo tour for her transformation, the facts remain the same; she felt stuck for the majority of her life and finally has finally transformed herself into who she wants to be. This in itself should be celebrated. The rest is all fluff.

  • Courageous move, sister

    It took until she was 65, but for someone once considered the ultimate alpha male (Olympic decathlon winner) to have the courage to admit she was actually a woman inside the entire time is amazing. Add to that the willingness to make the physical transformation and then publicly display the results, and you have quite the story.

  • Attention is what the community needs.

    The transgender community is commonly left to fend for themselves; having a celebrity representative is just what transgender people need to gain the courage and confidence some are highly lacking. Someone like Caitlyn Jenner, who has gone through years of trauma and internal struggle due to the disparity between her sex and her gender identity, is a prime representative of the transgender community, and she should be rewarded for bringing attention to a subject that sorely needs it.

  • She isn't a good person

    Caitlyn Jenner was married for decades before he decided to divorce, with a family, a home, and a future, he divorced his wife, who loved him for 22 years. On top of that, Caitlyn hit a car while driving, killing the elderly woman inside, and drove away. She later recounted this in a game of golf with one of her friends.

  • She is Brave

    I do believe that Caitlyn Jenner is very brave and courageous, as it takes great strengeth to face society as a transgender person. However, there are other trans* people that have put in far more time and dedication to advocate for and make a difference in the transgender community. Caitlyn should be celebrated. But there are other advocates that should be rewarded as well.

  • No; No deserved praise

    When Bruce Jenner competed and won in various Olympic events and such, that was news-worthy to a certain degree because he accomplished things most people couldn't do. Not everyone can devote themselves to intense physical training for a certain event, or even win said event. In order to become Caitlyn, however, all Bruce had to do was undergo a few surgeries and pop some hormone pills, which, basically, anyone can do; no real skill is required. Yes, I can understand how this would be on the front page of a magazine/newspaper for an issue or two, but some people are taking this thing way to far. Regardless of if you agree with the homosexual movement or not, this is still true. People are calling Bruce/Caitlyn a hero. That just blows my mind. The real heroes of this country are the men and women who are fighting for our freedom on the other side of the world, and the people who run into burning buildings without hesitation to help someone in need. But do they get any praise or admiration, or even gratitude? Yes, some, but not nearly enough as they deserve. In my opinion, any person who admires Bruce/Caitlyn's "heroic" actions needs a reality check.

  • She is an irresponsible person.

    I have nothing against transgenders, nor against transexuals. I believe they're fellow humans like anyone else, and should not be discriminated against, looked down upon or treated with disrespect.

    However, Jenner simply isn't a good person. I can understand if a young man, still young and with parental consent, becomes a woman through a surgical procedure, but after decades of marriages and children - and even being a member of a celeb family - you cannot simply go and change your sex like that. It is irresponsible, and should not be applauded or encouraged.

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