Should Calculus be required for high school students?

Asked by: MithrandirIstari
  • Calculas is where it gets interesting

    The kids all spent years learning boring algebra for what? They can apply their learned skills to calculus and solve problems like, maximizing range of a projectile, finding the volume of an elliptic paranoid, and finding out center of mass of objects with varied density. It is a blast for the kids!

  • Important skill in many career paths

    Calculus is an important skill in many career paths, and is useful in financially transactions, and throughout the STEM fields. It also teaches valuable problem solving skills which can be used in the real worlds, and gives students a full picture of the maths and sciences to prepare them for college.

  • It is unnecessary.

    I do think it should be an elective for students planning on going into the math and science fields, but not a required course for every high school student. Calculus has virtually zero real life applications for those not in the science or math fields. The point of high school is to prepare you for life and to get you started in the right direction of some career. Algebra II is sufficient enough for non-science people to tackle any mathematical problem they may encounter with their finances, carpentry, human trafficking business, etc...

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