Should California be divided into smaller states?

Asked by: jwcmcorbin
  • California is the largest state.

    Did you know that California has 55 representatives in Congress? Did you know that a quarter of all americans are Californians? California is too large.

    It makes sense to divide CA into at least 2 smaller states. There are many major cities in CA, such as San Francisco, LA, Bakersfield, San Diego, Fresno, San Jose, Sacramento, etc. It makes sense to divide California.

  • Too big Too Much

    Imagine for a moment if the east coast was its own entire state. Taking New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland would be extremely hectic for the number of major cities. Now take California, a state with cites like San Francisco, Los Angles, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno. Most states have an average of 2-3 major cities but California has at least six. These growing cities are hard enough for individual city areas to deal with, but an entire state!

  • 40 million Californians vs. 600,000 Wyomingans. That ain't fair.

    When the Founders wrote the Constitution, the most populous state had 10 times as many residents as the least populous. Equal representation in the Senate wasn't "fair," but it wasn't wildly unfair and it served other purposes. Now, California has 66 times as many people as Wyoming. For both states to get two U.S. Senators is just ridiculous. California should be split into four states, Texas into three, Florida into two, and New York into two. Then a number of states shoudl be combined (Wyoming and Montana, Vermont and New Hampshire, etc.) to keep the total number of states at 50. This would result in the most populous states having only about 7-8 times as many people as the least populous. It might prevent big states from threatening to secede sometime down the road.

  • Never in the world!!!!!!

    It is stupid as fuck. No one has the time or money to spend (Exept Donald trump) People in africa could use this money and land for water and food and shelter. What is the point in doing this because it is so stupid that it is like saying we should split barack obama in half.

  • Venture capitalist in bed with Progressive Liberals if you ask me!

    This is still in the beta test stages of going forward, they are still trying to get signatures on petitions! They way this is set up regionally i think that it is going to backfire and never move forward. In two of the new states you have some of the more prominent elitist rich counties that have helped to even out the tax revenue for the state. A division of the state from an economic standpoint would ostracize the lower and middle class regions leaving a huge burden and ultimate failure that would result in huge bail outs from federal Govt. California has problems with or without the division of its state because Liberal progressives are in charge. Everyone worth their sand knows that this division of states creates Senate and Congressional seats for Liberal leaning California. I bet if your a democrat your absolutely salivating at the idea of the unfair advantage this would give Dems in the senate! Even if this were the otherway around with more seats for Republicans or Conservatives its just a dumb idea all around and benefits silicone valley more than it does poor, lower class and middle class!

  • Change is not easily accepted, and quite often it sucks

    If this is allowed, it will not be well received. Many do not like change. I have to wonder what the REAL motives are for the change. Sounds like an attempt to increase representation in the Senate, or cut back our representation in the House. Either way, quit whining about how hard this large of a state is to govern. If it is too hard, don't run for office. The last men and women to govern didn't complain. Or did they?

  • Who cares how big it is

    Just because a state becomes big does not mean you should completely separate it into other states. Should I split NYC from NY because technically that one city has 15 times more people than Wyoming? Should I combine the Dakotas because their population isn't high enough? No it's silly, the size changes very little in terms of separation of states. Also that would make one serious dent in the Senate could you image having like 10+ more people going to the Senate as liberals? That would be one serious change in power, it would screw up a lot of things in terms of balance of powers. Aside from it's side why would you want to break it's rich history and turn it into like 5 extra states or something. USA and the 55 states, meh, I'd rather not have to have every Business/School/Citizen who owns any US flag have to buy one again because of a population difference.

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