• Hell Fucking Yeah

    So would you millionaire liberals like to be taxed down to your last penny? Cause that penny is going towards meds that you can pay for. And roads that you deem unworthy of driving on when there is only a few cracks? Roads here in Wisconsin are great when you don't have to slow down for bumps. Yeah, those guys that have 150 guns are the guys I would love to hang out with. They only shoot for fun and true self defense. These guys work so you animals in big cities can have an even better life when you can afford it yourself. So, grow a pair, get a job and actually contribute to the economy.

  • Too messed up

    California has to many things wrong with it everything I pick up says it is know to California to cause cancer maybe it's not the product and just the people get you crap and go! That state is mentally unstable it should have been disbanded a long time ago .. Jak out..

  • Yes, California would do better to break away.

    Yes, I believe California should break away from the other states. As far back as I can remember, the media has always portrayed California as different than any other state. I believe California caters to a younger crowd of people and is more tolerant of different lifestyles. I believe California is more progressive and would thrive on it's own because of it's uniqueness.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe California should break away from the other states. I believe California is struggling financially and they depend on federal funding to keep afloat. I believe the consequences for California would be drastic as they would be cutting a whole population out of the United States and separating them from the benefits the association creates.

  • They need the U.S.

    No, California should not break away from the other states, because California's economy is not sustainable on its own. California would have a hard time finding its identity between Mexico and the United States, and with the United States having so much land, California would be surrounded and it would be lost from an identity perspective.

  • California has no incentive to leave

    California may, as an independent state, readily rank among the top 10 of the world's economic powers - but this is not reason enough to depart the United States. Much of California's economy is reliant on economic entanglement with the United States (not least of which are the legions of military bases) and breaking bonds with the United States would require significant upfront expenses. Long-run it might end up being smart, but it's unlikely anyone will justify a gamble with such huge short-run expenses.

  • Keep California as part of the U.S.

    California should not break away from the other states. This would mean that the Federal government would lose tax revenue from the state. This in turn means the Federal government will increase taxes on the rest of the states to make up for it. Considering how large California is, that would be a huge burden on the rest of the country.

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