Should California do away with their three-strikes law?

  • Violation of 8th amendment

    It states that: Cruel or unjust punishment. But the 3 strike law is way beyond that. Its very brutal plus since its violating an amendment, it should be removed instantly. Besides, I don't think its going to help as if its going to cause more problems such as: 1.) The flooding of the county jails. 2.) Wasting time and 3.) Too cruel and minors can be serving life in jail 25-life which is brutal.

  • Enough is enough

    There are so many people in prison and the three-strikes law does not help. There are people who are convicted of minor crimes but because it is their third offense, they are sentenced to life in prison. The rule causes cruel and unusual punishment on people who do not need to spend forever in prison.

  • No, California's three strike law is amazing.

    America could do better by incarcerating more people. They just drain on society anyway. It would be better if every state had a three strikes law. After a couple of generations society would be fixed and people would behave normally. It would be save to walk down the street at night.

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