Should California legalize physician assisted suicide?

Asked by: lovelyy_roses562
  • It is criminal not to

    I a person is deemed mentally competent and is over 18 with a terminal disease they are in constant pain from, no one else has any right to force them to stay alive and go through that pain. It is their decision and they have a right to end their lives in a painless and clean way with their consent. If a physician is not comfortable with that, I'm sorry but they have to find another job.

  • Its their choice!😷😷

    If they are in a then its their right to choose to kill themselves or not. According to the first amendment people have the right to the pursut of happiness and if they are in pain and it's because its illegal for a physician to assist them with suiside then that is by all mans just straight up wrong!

  • Physicians Save Lives

    A physician's primary job is to save lives. Period. The medical field and all employees of such spend years of education in order to learn how the human body works and functions, existing diseases and disorders, and how to treat such ailments. To say that a physician should get a different job because he/she would refuse to assist someone with suicide is the equivalent of expecting a police officer to assist with a crime. In other words, obligating a physician to perform assisted suicide is completely against their work. Now, if you were to suggest that assisted suicides be performed by those who train to do so and are willing to do the job, then by all means, that's fine because that's a separate field and job category. But, in any case, leave physicians and others of the medical community out of such because that is not what they aim to do. They research, assess, and try their best to cure sicknesses - not mercy kill the victim.

    Don't say that physicians should get a different job because they wouldn't want to help kill others. Killing others is not what they are entitled to do and it should remain that way. I plan to be a physician someday and I would rather heal someone's pain than simply end their lives. The Hippocratic Oath is something I, and others in the medical community, stand by and will for the many generations to come.

  • Against their jobs

    A physician's job is to save lives. That is their entire job. Is suicide the saving of a life? No. Suicide is something I have experienced firsthand. It is the deliberate termination of a human life by the human in question. Assisted suicide is the assistance of taking a human life, which is by definition murder. Also, someone who performs abortions without consent is murder, and if one kills a pregnant woman, they are charged with double murder. Suicide is murder. Assisted suicide is murder, and violates the hypocritic oath.

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