• Yes, California should help earthquake victims.

    I believe it is the role of the state to provide the basics protections for its citizens. As such I believe California should set aside funds for earthquake relief. This does not necessarily mean paying each family directly that is affected by an earthquake. I believe providing temporary shelter along with food would be a good start.

  • California is waiting for the big one

    I think that California should be away money for earthquake victims. It is only a matter of time,before a huge earthquake destroys part of the state. The state needs to have money put away to help out when it does. It is no different than if there is a hurricane. You need have money in place in advance for natural disasters.

  • California should put money away for earthquake victims

    California should put money away for earthquake victims because California is known for having many earthquakes a year. Some people may not even have earth quake insurance in that state. I feel that it is the governments and all citizens job to help those that are in need of any assistance because of a natural disaster.

  • California earthquake victims

    Yes of course California should put money away for earthquake victims. Earthquakes are deadly and a very damaging. Every state should have some money put away for victims of natural disasters. Ever thing from tornadoes to hurricanes to earthquakes happen in the United States and we need to be prepared to protect our citizens.

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