Should California raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour?

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  • Lemme think,,,,,,,,no notta

    SO, I say know. Why ever would I say that you ask? Well, because raising the bar so that people make more, will not help that much. Yes people will make more money in all, but that means that they could move into tax category. Not something I personally want. I like my lower category. Also, if you raise what people make, it means that businesses have to raise their prices to be able to pay the people that they employ, as well as continue to make money. So in all retrospect, it doesn't help the people it's supposed to.

  • For every raise I've received comes a cost, higher Union dues, Insurance goes up.

    So even though I receive a raise there is No more income coming into the home, higher tax bracket more taxes with a raise, cost of living goes up, more taxes are paid, insurance goes up, and employers will decrease the amount of workers to perform the jobs. Mimimum wage was never put in to effect to raise a Family!

  • It won't make a difference

    When I was in college I worked at a bakery for minimum wage. The day that a minimum wage increase took affect, the prices of all items that were sold at the bakery increased by exactly the same margin that the minimum wage had increased.

    Yeah, I got a raise, but my raise did not matter at all, because the cost of everything went up by the same percentage as my raise. It was a raise on paper that meant nothing in the real world. I still had to pay the same proportion of my wages for food, gas, and other basics.

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