• Yes but so should all others

    All states should be roughly the same size, IMHO. This would eliminate the need for the Senate (2 senators per state, regardless of size). Unicameralism exists in Denmark, Norway, and New Zealand. As the Supreme Court has judicial review, they would still put appropriate check on legislature as would the president, though I would allow judicial review before bill becomes law.

  • Come On Man

    Splitting stupid into six pieces just creates six parts of stupid or even worse, five new stupids to compound the original stupid.

    Oh no, flashbacks of the Stupids the movie. "I'm my own grandpa!!!!!"

    One California is enough, we don't need to split it up and give it a larger reach based on state expansion LOL. I mean let's get serious for a minute here: Did you know that the state of Arizona is facing penalties by Colorado due to California's water usage...Or waste thereof. Really!!! Arizona...A Desert....Did everything right, storing emergency supplies of water, conserving water, storing water underground to avoid evaporation, and more; yet California and its residents ran around throwing it away like it was never ending. Now Colorado is imposing penalties and restrictions on BOTH Arizona AND California due to a contractual agreement for water purchase from the Rockies. Should we really allow California to elect 6 times the government officials as they already have so they can rear end the nation six times as fast?

  • No way!! Not at all!!

    NO WAY!! THIS IS A ILLOGICAL IDEA!! Imagine visiting a friend who lives an hour away, but then having to drive OVER A STATE BOARDER LINE!! That's absurd!! And if you have a good work but live an hour or something away, you might have to drive over the boarder! Also, Jefferson is a strange name, and so is Central California. And if people want more counties in CA, know that there are already 58. We don't need 12 more! Raise awareness and prevent CA from splitting into 6 more states. Stop this crazy idea from becoming reality!

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