• Yes, they should

    Californians are known for doing stupid things so they may as well continue doing them and go ahead and vote for Bernie. They can try and maje a statement but nobody is listening to them because California does not matter anymore. It's the Oklahoma of the west coast. Sad and lonely

  • Yes, Californians should vote for Bernie Sanders.

    I definitely think that Californians (as well as the rest of America) should be voting for Bernie Sanders, both in the primary, and in the actual election. He's a candidate that is open, honest, frank, and has a visible passion for making our country a better place to live. I think it's important that he is looking out for citizens' healthcare and rights, is an honest candidate with integrity, and is diplomatic and passionate about equality. I think he has the power to incite some real, positive social change, which our country badly needs. We are at a pivotal point where women's rights, gender equality, healthcare, and minority rights NEED change - and I think Bernie is the best candidate for the job.

  • If they feel he is the best candiate

    If the voters of California, or any other remaining state, feel that Senator Sanders is the candidate that will best represent them and speaks to their needs, of course they should cast a ballot for him. That, as near as I can figure, is how democracy and voting work. If they don't like the Senator from Vermont, they should cast their vote elsewhere.

  • Yes, Californians who prefer Bernie should vote for him.

    In my opinion even though a California vote for Bernie Sanders in Tuesday's primary will most likely be a moot point, Californians who prefer him to Hillary Clinton should vote for him. Getting out and exercising your right to vote is part of the American way and gives the voter the feeling he expressed his opinion.

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