• Yes it should be overturned.

    This was a stupid and unkind law. It is taking away the rights of so many people who love a person of the same sex. A gay person doesnt flaunt it. If anything, heterosexual are more flamboyant about showing PDA. California, overturn prop 8. It is plain wrong and unconstituional.

  • Yes, as soon as possible.

    Prop 8 never should have existed in the first place. It's outrageous that some segments of the population think they have the right to vote on basic human rights for others! We are all entitled to the same rights, and no one should be permitted to vote them away for any one particular group, it's unconstitutional.

  • Yes, Prop 8 is Unconstitutional

    Proposition 8 should be overturned, because it is unconstitutional. It denies citizens their rights to due process and equal protection. Marriage is considered a right, so we cannot make any laws that restrict this right without a compelling reason to do so. This means homosexuals should be granted the right to marry the ones they love.

  • Yes, It Should

    Proposition 8 should indeed be overturned. As I'm sure the court will later decide, Proposition 8 infringes on the rights of United States citizens. Liberty is something that should be given equal access to all citizens, and those affected by proposition 8 deserve just as much of it as anyone else.

  • No, marriage is for religious men and women

    Marriage was created by religion. Homosexuals are not entitled to it because they aren't religious. To label someone as a homosexual Christian, Muslim or Jew...etc has oxymoron written all over it. You can't be both homosexual and a true member of one of the major religions. Which is why homosexuals should accept common law unions instead of pushing for marriage. It's stepping on the toes of people who truly practice their religion. If homosexuals want people to respect and accept them in society, first they should respect the practices of straight people, since heterosexuals happen to be the majority. This is how we can coexist.

    Why not settle for a lifetime relationship?

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