• Cameras should be allowed in courtrooms.

    I think it would be a good idea to allow camera in
    courtrooms. But, we would have to pass a
    law that says that no one can take pictures of underage people involved in the case. Seeing pictures from the courtroom in news
    stories would give people a better understanding of how the legal system works.

  • Cameras should be allowed in courtrooms.

    Cameras should be allowed in courtrooms if the person on trial agrees to it. They can provide proof that the person on trial was given a fair hearing, and provide a source of transcript in addition to court transcripts. There would be video evidence rather than jist typed transcripts. This could assist in additional hearings or cases.

  • Cameras should not be allowed in courtrooms.

    Cameras will change the proceedings of the trial. Cameras will put pressure on witnesses, jurors, and others and their life in danger because of the cameras. They may even change their perspectives during hearings. Courtrooms should not be entertainment. It is more entertainment than informational, ask Judge Judy and her millions.

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