• Yes, cameras should be allowed in delivery rooms.

    As long as the mother to be has granted permission, cameras should absolutely be allowed in delivery rooms. If the camera is a safe distance away it will not affect the movements of the mother or the staff. In addition, hospital staff should learn to accommodate mothers in this way as part of their service.

  • Cameras Should Be Allowed

    If a woman or mother chooses to be videotaped in the delivery room, that should be her own choice. A person should be able to view the delivery process if the woman is so inclined. In addition to this fact, there is nothing wrong with seeing that process. A baby being born is a very natural and beautiful thing.

  • Up to the parents

    I do not see what the issue is as far as allowing cameras in the delivery room. The parents should be asked if it is OK to have them film their pregnancy. If they do not want to be filmed, just tell the doctors, "no." If they do not mind that their pregnancy is being filmed, then tell the doctors, "yes."

  • No, that is not the time for taking pictures.

    I realize many couples want to capture the birth of their first child on film, but the birthing process is not always neat and tidy. I think cameras in the delivery room are a distraction. In the event of an emergency, doctors should be free to go into emergency mode without having to worry about a Dad in the room filming their every move.

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