• YES..I completely agree --

    I've had these set of instances in my school where textbooks would get stolen etc. The students responsible for such acts and such kind of behaviour would be recognized and then held guilty. This helps in instilling a sense of fear against doing what we know is wrong. It also helps maintain discipline and order in a school.

  • No no no

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  • No I do not think so.

    I think putting cameras in classrooms will be a way to make students feel awkward and not actually try in class while also creating a steep decline in the amount of money the school will have. I am sure it would be pricey, and it just seems unneeded and expensive.

  • Creeps students out.

    Students cant work when they know that's there is a camera on top of there heads. Also with teachers, they're being watch while teaching and disturbs them. If theres an in the school and doesn't find the students, but finds the camera room, they can play back the films and find the students.

  • Absolutely not! Never!

    There is no good reason to have cameras in classroom. It takes away from a teachers job. I understand they can't watch every student at every second, but part if the job is looking out for students. If there are cameras, teachers will become more lazy. Also, it is very unethical.

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