Should cameras on drones watch all public spaces to prevent crime, Or is this a violation of privacy?

  • It's a public place.

    Look, The government already knows literally everything and anything you do from the phone you carry around in your pocket, If anything the idea that big brother is watching would easily deter more crimes from happening simply on the idea that they're more likely to be caught.

    It's way too easy to actually get away with a crime nowadays

  • Yes in my opinion cameras on drones should watch public spaces to prevent crime.

    Cameras on drones can be used as an extra layer of security. With the help of artificial intelligence, We could detect violent action and the police can take appropriate action at the right time. People say there would be radio added radio waves around, They should know that our mobile produces a lot of harmful waves, 5g technology is on the verge of rolling which also produces these waves.
    I would like to clear mt point by giving an example, For example, If any form of harassment is happening at a place then these drones can act as the first level of security and the victim could be saved. The abuser can be easily tracked with the help of a drone. Now if I talk about the point of violation of privacy, If the drone is tracking a particular person then it is a violation of privacy, Else if it is being used to monitor public places then it's not a violation of privacy.

  • Definitely not drones, Specifically

    Cameras mounted in public areas I'm okay with. Drones, I am not. Drone are too costly and are not as efficient as cameras mounted in public areas. Drones are susceptible to heavy weather and wind. Also, In the hands of corrupt law enforcement, There is nothing stopping drones from being used to spy on private areas. Mounted cameras are the far superior solution in every way.

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    Ignore my headline everything was messed up and backwards for some reason (please don't read the headline backwards or add spaces! ) this is a violation of privacy, Imagine making out with a woman on the street and all a sudden a f***ing drone pops up with a camera on it! I would run away, It would look even more suspicious, Then the police would get into some dumb criminal thingy when it's not even real, What if that girl got kidnapped the next day? You'd be their top criminal! I say NO!

  • Camera drones should not watch all public spaces.

    I believe that camera drones should not watch all public spaces to prevent crime. First of all, There are already cameras in place that are there for security. Why not put more of those instead of adding more buzzing noise and air traffic to our lives? Also, Close circuit security cameras are harder to hack than a drone camera which would be sending signals to a control unit. Anyone with the right equipment could easily intercept the signals. Speaking of signals, Would it really be healthy to have radio waves from these drones constantly flying around us and even through us? To wrap up, These drones are mobile, So they could be moved from the public areas in which they are stationed and possibly used to invade privacy in housing and private areas. Therefore camera drones should not watch public spaces.

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