Should campaign expenditures be more closely scrutinized and regulated?

  • transparency is a must!

    Politics should be absolutely transparent. There should be no secret donations, no campaign loopholes for special interests, wealthy individuals, foreign powers, or corporations to interfere. By accounting for every donated dollar amount, we can avoid any wrongdoing. If anonymity is necessary, it should be on a limited basis, and my individuals only, always subject to regulation.

  • Campaign expenditures should be more closely scrutinized and regulated.

    Most Americans believe that too much money is spent on political campaigns. This money could be used for things that are more productive. In the future, there should be a limit to how much money can be spent on political campaigns. Even people who do not have a lot of money should be able to run for office.

  • Campaign Expenditures Watched

    Yes! Campaign Expenditures need to be watched, for the fact that, there has been to many campaign trail missing money, or there is fraud that is going on but no on can pin point where the fraud is coming from. I mean really you are trusting a human with cash money and people information. You just can't walk in a bank and tell the clerk go take a break, i will watch your drawer, when dealing with campaigns and money, it has to be watched like a hawk.

  • No, campaign expenditures are already closely monitored and do not need additional scrutiny.

    No, campaign expenditures should not be more closely scrutinized and regulated. Government regulations pertaining to campaign expenditures are already complex and difficult to apply. Additional scrutiny would add another layer of government regulation to an already highly regulated process. Adding additional scrutiny would be a costly process and would not significantly change the current campaign procedures.

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