• You shouldn't have to be rich in order to have a say.

    Campaign finance reform is the political effort in the United States to change the involvement of money in politics, primarily in political campaigns. The campaigns finances defiantly need to be reformed as soon as possiable. It is pretty obvious that the only people that are making an impact in our society are the people who are extremely wealthy. In early 2010, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporate funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections cannot be limited pursuant to the right of these entities to free speech. But there are always loopholes to everything, and the rich are early finding them and bribing people in order to get what they want.

  • 14 states strong

    Currently only 14 states have strict rules on how much money campaigns can accept. The other states have very loose or no rules at all concerning this . Honestly this is an enormous problem. It has made campaigning about who can make the richest friends and who can con the most money. It might seem like it is close to infringing on our rights, but it is the only way to have an honest election for the positions of power in our country.

  • Time for a change in campaign finances

    Here are three facts about the campaign finances being reformed. The first fact is that when you are running for president in the election, you got to have a lot of money to run for president. The second fact is that the campaign is being rigged and corrupted by politicians, therefore the election is an unfair justice and should be reformed. The third fact is that other states are also looking to see their states' campaign finances being reformed. All of these facts prove that the campaign finances should be reformed immediately.

  • Yes, campaign financing right now is a joke.

    Running for office at this point in time is about who has the most money or who can buy the wealthiest friends. It really makes a mockery of what is supposed to be a democratic system. That is why we do need some sort of reform to equalize things among candidates.

  • Time for Reformation

    Campaign finance laws definitely need to be reformed. Corrupt politicians and their lobbying organizations have too much power already, and the loopholes in campaign contribution laws make this problem even worse. Until these loopholes are closed, elections can never really be fair or democratic. The United States is supposed to be about equal opportunity, not greed.

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