• Campaigns should not be allowed to lie to the public

    Campaigns should not be allowed to lie to the public. The million dollar question is how do you stop it? The only way is to vet the candidates' questions and institute harsh penalties. But, how difficult would that be to enforce? Until then, people must verify candidates on their own.

  • No, campaigns should not be alllowed to lie in public.

    America is a Republic and that means that people vote for representatives to speak on their behalf. When campaigns lie to the public, they are telling the people what they want them to hear and that makes the people vote for someone who is made up. When the person gets elected, they will not be speaking on behalf of the people because the people voted for a made up person.

  • No, campaigns need to show total transparency to ensure the electorate make the right decision.

    Campaigns should not be allowed to lie to the public because lies prevent the public to make a fully educated decision; total transparency is necessary. If the campaign is allowed to blatantly lie to the electorate, how could the person the campaign represents possibly be considered trustworthy? It is a weak foundation upon which to build a relationship with constituents.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Some people call it playing devil`s advocate, I really just try and get people to think about things outside the party talking points and hopefully see the hypocrisy that runs rampant in Washington these days. It has been festering for a long time but over the last 10 years it is becoming an epidemic.

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