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  • Canada should accept refuges

    They should.They just should. It would be inhuman to not do so.

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  • Say YES to refugees!

    Canada has always helped refugees in the past, why aren't we now? Women, men, and children are risking their lives to find asylum. Many countries poorer than Canada have admitted more refugees than us. We should try harder to accept more refugees. Some are innocent and not terrorists. They're humans too!

  • Yes They Should

    I believe Canada should admit more refugees. As an American who feels that the American political system is extremely corrupt I would love to escape my country and move to Canada, but I can't because of their strict regulations. I would love to see Canada change its immigration laws, I would much rather live in that country.

  • Canada should admit more refuges

    Online classes are good for students. They are our neighbor and have been know for a long time to admit refuges escaping persecution of all sorts. It has hard for the country because they have to pay for the refugees, but Canada has good intentions of helping people all over the world. During the Iraq war, Canada took in many soldiers who left US and did not wish to fight in a useless war.

  • Yes, Canada Should

    Canadians are great people and, make no mistake, they are warm to most of the people who have come there. But there is a brutal past in Canada that matches the United States, especially with the indigenous people. It would be wise to be more kind and accepting now and forever.

  • Not for the refugees.

    The most absurd statement I've heard from one of the refugees is that they are not thankful to us, but to their god, and that it is thanks to their faithful belief in Quran that they found asylum here. Their discrimination towards women doesn't seem to stop either. Their expectation coming here seems to be that we, the Canadians, should assimilate to their culture, not the other way around.

  • NO Canada should not

    Using Sweden as an example, Sweden has seen a 1400 percent increase in rape and pedophilia crimes since 2005 89 percent being committed by the refugee population. Also 95 percent of the refugees coming over to Canada are not refugees at all. They seek a better living environment and not asylum. If they were refugees than they would show gratitude when German citizens gave food "care packages" to the migrants entering. Instead they screamed and threw rocks at them demanding more!

  • Canada shouldn't accept refugees.

    First of all, the taxes will increase, and it would be bad for us only. Instead, we can donate money to the refugees and the government over there, instead of taking risks. You never know what they can plan up to. The government will also need to focus more on them then other important things.

  • not at all

    No, If they do not want to take in more refugees, then they should not have to. Who all they take in is completely up to them, and if they decide to not take in a single other person then that is perfectly fine in my opinion, its up to them.

  • Canada accepts more than enough refugees as it is.

    Canada has been more than generous in its refugee policy, to the point where it is being regularly abused. Traditionally, a refugee was someone who were forced from their homeland by physical force and faced certain death on return. Today, most so-called refugees are entering on dubious grounds, usually more economic or quality of life than anything else. Furthermore, it is not clear why truly desperate refugees would end up all the way in Canada, presumably passing through multiple other safe countries, and not in stable countries nearby in their own regions.

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