Should Canada get another NHL team, and if so, where?

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  • The NHL only needs one more team to be an even 32, so no...

    It would be more beneficial for a non-traditional hockey market to get a team. These non-traditional markets have created devoted fans, and have even helped create amazing players, like Auston Matthews (Arizona). In my opinion a city like Seattle, Houston, or Kansas City would benefit the most from an expansion team.

  • I don't believe Canada NEEDS another hockey team.

    Canada doesn't need another hockey team because it's already our national sport. The entire country knows that the NHL is big in Canada, whether they have an NHL team in their province/territory or not. In the US, however, their main sports would have to be football and perhaps basketball. It would be more beneficial to put another NHL team in a state where hockey is not such a big sport, so that the NHL can expand on hockey in North America.

  • Canada has exactly as many hockey teams as it needs

    It's not necessary for Canada to expand the NHL by adding another team. Though hockey is a big and well-attended sport in Canada, it's better to have a set number of teams for a long period of time, so fans can develop their rivalries and stay faithful to the teams they presently support. Adding new teams will alter the current regional and historical rivalries, complicating the competitiveness that fans love.

  • No, Canada should not get another NHL team.

    Canada is not in need of another NHL team as they already have several of them. There are other parts of the world that could use an NHL team more then Canada. Canada has long been regarded as the capital of hockey and NHL, but I think it is time for other areas to appreciate hockey teams too.

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