Should Canada have more surveillance for the Canadian arctic?

  • We need to monitor the Arctic

    Canada needs to monitor its side of the Arctic more and needs to do more research to contribute to our understanding of the effects on the Arctic by climate change. We need to learn what is going on up there and we need to know the effects it will have on civilization.

  • Heres what canada should do

    Canada needs to give the land back to the native americans because the white man has no right to it. Not only that, they need to stick their noses out of the arctic, because canada has proven itself to be a rogue state when they invaded Afganistan. We dont need surveilance to be done by such an agresive regime. And my guess is that canada and its allies will just try to steal whatever natural resources that are in the arctic. White canadians have no right to the natural resources of canada, and it certainly has no right to the resources in the arctic

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