• Yes, Canada should implement tighter gun laws

    Yes, Canada should implement tighter gun laws. The recent shooting incident in Canada is another example of spreading gun violence. Although tighter gun laws would not stop all gun violence, it would help to curb the violence. If one life is saved then tighter gun laws are worthwhile because a price cannot be put on a life.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, they should have tighter gun laws also, along with the rest of the world. We all should be concerned about these random acts of shootings that are happening everywhere in America. The American Government is wanting to kill it's people off. Canada should be the leadership it needs to be to show how to use guns.

  • Canada and other countries show that tighter gun laws work

    Canada has shown that tighter gun laws eliminates the large death tolls from gun violence that take place in the U.S. To continue to protect their citizens, it is important that the laws change and adapt to the the changing society and influx of weapons. New guns require new gun laws.

  • No, Canada should not.

    Canada is a very safe country, especially compared to the US. The US makes gun selling in local grocery stores legal. This give everyone access to a gun, and could also be a reason of why America is a country that has a very high percentage of deaths due to shootings, compared to others. Canada makes the process of being able to access a gun very serious: must have a license, and must be over 21. Although Canada still does have deaths due to gun shootings, but definitely not as much as the US.

  • No we should not.

    Tougher law will not stop people from shooting each others, murder have been illegal for a really long time and people murdering each other. Tougher gun law will just mean more problems to the regular law abiding citizen that are already unfairly targeted under the current law. Canadian are already submitted to police screening and invasive personal questions to obtain firearms licences and we're still facing the prospect of confiscation of our legally owned and purchased personal property without compensation. All this to solve a problem that doesn't exist in this country

  • They doing really well

    I think canada is at a point where its violence and homicide are as low it will get. It's rare you see anyone getting shot in canada, and if that person didn't have a gun, he'd more than likely stab them.
    There's no need to make life harder on people who live by good morals and law everyday.

  • Better safety training would be better.

    Imposing tighter gun control would make it worse since the good people wouldnt have guns to stop the criminals. This is already being demonstrated in the US, that are slowly implementing tighter gun laws, and mass shootings are happening more often, since only criminals would have guns. Canada and the US should implement mandatory gun safety classes in schools, colleges, and in various other places. If the common citizen has exposure to guns and how to operate and use them safely, then more people will realize that guns aren't killing machines, and they will be more likely to own a gun to protect themselves and others.

  • No, they should not.

    Compared to the United States and other developed countries they don't have nearly the number of deaths due to guns as the rest of the world. This shows that the laws they already have in place seem to be working. Creating more laws when their isn't an immediate need slows down the government and sometimes impedes on the rights of the citizens of the country.

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