Should Canada invest more money in military services than health care?

  • The U.S is becoming less of an ally

    The new president (Trump) has showed he isn't too fond of Canadians example putting tariffs on us and calling us "Snowy Mexicans" and it's impacted the way the people of the U.S think of us too for example a couple of times playing games on North american servers Americans have just talked among others talking about our (Corrupt) country and Americans tend to not like us anymore so i think spending more on defense would be a good idea although i admit spending it on healthcare would also be beneficial

  • We must help those who need it and we must answer to those who call we are obliged to by joining nato

    Therefor we must acquire the best equipement within out budget reach if we do so we will improve our efficiency drastically and our reputation and the number of lives saved will grow and at the end of the day we reached our goal and we did our job and thats all that matters

  • Increased jobs and national pride!!!!!!!

    For too long we have neglected our men and women in our military. They are under equipped and under staffed.
    We have the longest coastline in the world and yet we can't even patrol it. We are asking our people to guard us with sub par planes, ships and antique death traps for helicopters.
    We are not committing to our obligations to Nato or the UN.
    Our reserves are made up of young proud Canadians who do not get the training they require. They rarely get to train with live ammo. How can you expect them to survive. They don't even make minimum wage!!!!
    We as Canadians should be ashamed of what we have allowed to happen to this once proud organization

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  • We should spend more money on r army

    What if Isis attacks us, no one else knows 1000's dead we don't need what happened to France again, aloha Akbar you will hear them yell and boom just like happened in aloha yee Akbar. Health care is important but honesty I think we should spend a little more on r army!

  • Yes. Canada should invest much more in the military than healthcare. People don't think about there health and we are all fat. All self inflicted.

    We have a weak ineffective military that is ill equipped and a growing population that needs to be able to defend ourselves. With climate change, borders that would have been closed are now coming open. Why should we rely on the USA for protection, it is ridiculous to be hammered by their foreign policy. If we want their protection, than we should join them and become the USA. We are like a rich ripe grape just ready to be picked. And we should have women only regiments for combat missions, and investment in technology to develop women specific weaponry that we can carry without getting injured. We need to completely rethink our need to be peace keepers and move on to being a proper country that one would be proud to serve with.

  • A modern effective military is like an insurance policy.

    At the time of this writing, Russia is involved in a slow motion invasion of the Ukraine and ISIS is killing thousands of people and conquering large parts of Syria and Iraq. Everyone agrees something should be done but there is no agreement on what.
    If all NATO countries had maintained military spending at higher levels, would Russia have invaded Ukraine? It is impossible to say, but there is a good probability that we wouldn't have this problem.
    Higher military spending wouldn't have deterred ISIS, but we would now have more options to deal with them.
    Canada should spend much more on health care than the military. But this is not a reason not to have a well funded and equipped military force. We should move towards the NATO goal of 2% of GDP spending on the military instead of the current 1%.

  • Not more than public health, but more nonetheless

    The Canadian military is and has been an important instrument for protecting Canadian sovereignty and our ability to make independent choices in the world. We do not need an empire budget, but we do need an effective self-defence force if for no other reason than it is a vital contingency should the international situation begin to deteriate - as it is at the time of writing.

    To those claiming that we should rely on the US for protection, I have but one thing to say: when you rely on someone else for defence, you are at their mercy, and inevitably you will be dictated to and be forced to accept policies coming from your so-called 'protector'.

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  • Canada seems to have a good system

    No, Canada expresses the concern for their people through providing them health care. Healthy people are happy people and they seem to be a very happy country. Canada is not in the news every other day airing their issues. If the country had to use their military, I am sure that those very healthy and happy citizen would be glad to defend their people.

  • No, Canada is doing great without it

    Canadian citizens have access to health care when they need it. They do not have to worry how they are going to afford medical care when they become sick or injured because their government provides medical care for them. I think every country should have free medical care as it is needed in everyone's life. Canada seems to be doing just fine with the amount of military they have operating now so I think it would be crazy to do away with some of their health care to increase a military that isn't completely needed.

    Posted by: jus
  • military is not necessary

    we now live in a day and age where the military isnt as necessary. After world war 2 there wasnt exactly peace time but Canada's military wasnt as necessary because they didnt consider themselves the worlds police. it is more important for them to focus on their own citizens than anything at the moment.

  • No

    No,Canada should invest more money in health care than military services .Both liberals and conservatives in the U.S. have tried to use the Canadian example to promote their arguments: The left says Canada shows the rewards of financial regulation and socialism, while the right likes to vaunt the brutal cuts made to Canadian social programs in the 1990s, which set the stage for economic recovery.Health care is very important than military services.

  • The US protects North America

    No, Canada should spend more money on health care. Pragmatically speaking, the US will protect North America (including Canada) with or without Canada. To be more idealistic, health care seems a more sound investment than military spending, anyway. Helping people live longer and better is usually more productive than finding new ways to kill people.

  • NO

    hard to believe someone would be upseat because a country is more worried about the well being of their citizens than military. Plus Canada doesn't really uses much its military, why spend more money on it? The military is called to clean up streets after snow storms..its obviously that Canada doesnt get involved in a lot of wars which is good. So worry about the people.

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