• Yes Because Awesome

    I is a troubled teen and i need no trouble so i need to buy weed for not getting in jail and so i can smoke it everyday. It is fun and good and gives me the lolz. So i need it for school too cause its boring. And for work cause it is dumb

  • No yes I awesome

    I basically i do weed so like i need to have for school like i have like alot of work like is really hard for I so I like to smoke weed which is very nice for me. I also need like alot of lube because like i smoked my weed in the bus and like got by penis like stuck in a toaster like it hurt and then like i had to go to the hospital and like get a fix from like the doctor and then like i smoked for like weed.

  • Yes they should

    There are many health benefits in with pot. There was no reported deaths and is better on your health than cigarettes and alcohol, which are both legal. There are proven health benefits like if used in conjunction with cancer treatments, increase the success rate and shorten treatment time. Many scientific discoveries can proceed if this is actually legal. The pros of legalizing cannabies are substantial. It is only addictive because people like the feeling. The feeling is similar to coffee. Except without the side effects. It is all in personal choice. If personally, you don't like a personal choice, you personally choose to not partake in this, personally.

  • Yes They Should

    Canada has already decriminalized the drug, so I do not think that it would be a big problem if they decided to legalize marijuana. There are many pros to legalizing it and it could be very beneficial to their country. Their only obstacle is getting enough people behind the movement.

  • Yes They Should

    Marijuana is different from alcohol and cigarettes. In my opinion marijuana can be used in many positive ways unlike cigarettes. Legalizing marijuana in’t very bad because not only can it be used in positive ways but we do not want ourselves having to sell it illegally and get it from people from the streets rather than getting it from a government owned store? Their are bad people who may use it in negative ways but their are many people who sell it to people with negative things in it. Not only are they making profit but their profit is used to repeat the process. We can trust government owned shops or buying a prescription drug from a drug store LEGALLY but do we trust a man from the streets. I think that Marijuana should be legalized.

  • It can act as a medicine.

    I do agree that it's bad for you. However, marijuana has plenty of good qualities. Some people in really bad pain can use it as a painkiller. Some people use it because they're addicted to it, but some people use it as a medicine. 60% of the people that use marijuana are using it for a painkiller or medicine. Some people actually need it, not just using it for drug abuse. I don't use marijuana myself, and believe me, I'm not planning to anytime in my life, but I still think that the people who need it should have it. Maybe there can be something like a "marijuana permit" thing, so that if you actually have a medical condition when you need marijuana, the drug will be legal to you.

  • The Law Says No Youth Will Come In Contact With The Drug That Is The Whole Reason For It's Legalization

    Actually the law states that no one under age of 18 can have access to this drug. The law states that if you are found selling cannabis (marijuana) to a minor you will be sentenced to 14 years maximum of prison. Here is the law taken directly from

    No person could sell or provide cannabis to any person under the age of 18.
    In addition, the Act would create 2 new criminal offences, with maximum penalties of 14 years in jail, for:
    giving or selling cannabis to youth, and
    using a youth to commit a cannabis-related offence
    In order to prevent youth from using cannabis, the Act would also prohibit:
    products that are appealing to youth
    packaging or labelling cannabis in a way that makes it appealing to youth
    selling cannabis through self-service displays or vending machines
    promoting cannabis, except in narrow circumstances where the promotion could not be seen by a young person
    Penalties for violating these prohibitions include a fine up to $5 million or 3 years in jail.
    The Government has also committed $9.6 million to a comprehensive public awareness campaign to inform Canadians, especially youth, of the health and safety risks of cannabis consumption, and to surveillance activities.

  • Fuck da police

    The police have gone on for to long without getting fucked they just deserve a good fucking so make marijuana legal to fuck with de eh it would help the government, no down sides and would help so many hospitalized patients who need help. Marijuana is the answer always have a good day!

  • Yes Because weed is helpful

    The use for weed is more good than bad sure there is a few bad things but there is more good than bad there has been no deaths to weed reported yet and the use for hemp oil and cream will be legalized and the uses for that are crazy good and will be amazing for health and treatments

  • Yep that's right !

    No need for illegalization. I repeat no need for illegalization. Did you get it no need for illegalization. Hahaha I am ironic. Am I not? Tell me if you like my argument. Go on cpcbc.Org.Com. For more information comment below and don't forget to go on my web site. Get it!

  • I just say so

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  • Drug is durg. It is addictive just like cigarette and alcohol.

    If u want to legalize marijuna because cigarette and alcohol is legal, cigarette and alcohol should illegal too. It is addictive and when u smoke, what about the smell? What about the people who don't like to smell the smoke? Will they have to just smell it just because someone want to smoke right next to the him? What about the person with baby? We all know that sometimes parents gives alcohol to their kids, what makes u think that they will not give marijuana?

  • Never no never


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  • Bad for u

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  • Monkey see Monkey do

    If little kids see older people smoking the drug then they will think it is okay to smoke that drug to. We can not end up like other country's who have legalized it. All community's would be filled with stoned people. If it gets legalized then everyone will start doing it.If it is legalized then everyone that does it will not be able to make good decisions.

  • Canada toughens pot laws, two U.S. states loosen up

    Marijuana is a harmful addictive drug that should never be legalized.
    Video: Is marijuana harmless?
    In Canada, the criminal law is under the jurisdiction of the federal government – which (technically) means that drug laws are uniform across the country. In particular, marijuana is classified as an illegal drug through its inclusion in Schedule II of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Possession (section 4), trafficking (section 5), importing/exporting (section 6), and production (section 7) are all covered by the CDSA.
    » Of course, enforcement of the Criminal Code is subject to the discretion of local police and judges. Given the number of legal challenges made against the prohibition in the past decade, along with overwhelming public support for recreational use, marijuana smoking has been largely tolerated by the police and the courts. Nonetheless, the prohibition is still legally binding and, should they choose to, police officers may enforce the law.
    As we begin 2013, there is a lot for NORML Canada to be excited about. We hope to carry forward the international momentum gathered in 2012, in our continued mission to reform Canadian cannabis law. Although 2012 had its set-backs in Canada, specifically the implementation of increased penalties for cannabis offences, public support for legal reform is on the rise.
    OTTAWA—The same day that voters in two U.S. states approved the legalization of marijuana, the Harper government in Ottawa was bringing into force tough new mandatory penalties for pot.
    Canada’s new law provides a mandatory six-month jail term for growing as few as six marijuana plants, twice the mandatory minimum for luring a child to watch pornography or exposing oneself on a playground.
    “Today our message is clear that if you are in the business of producing, importing or exporting of drugs, you’ll now face jail time,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson said in a release Tuesday, before U.S. polls closed.
    Nicholson was not available Wednesday to comment on the American state votes but his spokeswoman reiterated in an email that “our government does not support the decriminalization or the legalization of marijuana.”

  • Cause it's bad for you

    Marijuana is bad for you and people who use it have no life and no soul. All of society needs to woship the lords laws and rules and those who do not should be executed. It should not be legalised and people who use it need to be killed right away

  • Its bad for u

    Its bad for u cause it makes u addicted to it and it has plenty of potential to make you suicide. It alters your brain structure. It will encouraging to teens to try it and 9% of teens that start young become adddicted. Marijuana is one of the worst things for you although it can help cure pain

  • It's all coorperated

    I totally disagree with legal weed, it's all about taxing people and bringing cash to their pockets, they saw cartels making serious cash, so the government decided to do the same, it won't help the economy. Pretty it's telling people it's OK to smoke marijuana and just go to the clinic, buy one and taxes are included

  • Do we really want this?

    Marijuana is WAY more dangerous than everyone thinks. The fat that most people will be able to take it, the fact that it'll be even more accessible, it's extremely dangerous, expecially for our society, our safety. It's very useful for medical uses but that kind is different from rereational and I don,t think it should ever be used recreationally.

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