• You are free Quebec!

    What are the reasons most people want Quebec to stay? 1. Because it'll be in the way of the Maritimes (wow, It must be so hard for those europeans with all those borders and not having a free passage agreement and all). 2. Canada will have to pay to use the St. Lawrence River (it already bribes Quebec for it to stay what is the difference). 3. Quebec is an important part of Canada's history (So? The US and the UK are also important to our history and identity but they're not under Ottawa's control). 4. Without Quebec Canada will have lost an important part of its identity (hard to lose a part of something you don't have lol). 5. Quebec leaving will hurt the economy (in the short turn, After that you save way more money by not having to translate everything in french or bribing Quebec, Plus its the West making the cash now not Quebec). 6. If one province leaves all the others will too (so why aren't any of the English provinces leaving now? Nothing is stopping them. Its even legal. Even they did, Is that so wrong? If Alberta can deliver a higher quality of life for its citizens on its own why shouldnt we want that? We want the regions to not develop themselves or follow their interests for what? The status quo? ). 7. Quebec is a part of Canada (ha ha I think the Québécois are going to disagree with you on this. And its the Québécois who decide what Quebec is not you rando). 8. We are stronger together (its obvious both Quebec and Canada have sacrificed a lot to remain together and this has caused a lot more strife than if they had just seperated. Plus, That is not true. Plenty of small countries like Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, Etc. Do really well. And, Plenty of large heterogenous countries like Brazil, Nigeria, China, India, Etc. Don't. Its not the population thats important, The devil is in the details. How policy is handled for example). Basically, All the reasons people come up with of why Quebec should stay can be debunked because they are not good reasons! People are just scared of change! Let Quebec be free and Canada can have a new friend instead of a new headache every weekend

  • Of course it should

    Quebec has not been treated right by the federal governmnent at all what with the charter it never signed being imposed on it. Quebec is being forced stuff it doesnt want to do and that could threaten its culture and nationhood. Plus, The Quebec-Canada relationship is getting pretty toxic now for everyone involved. Nobody likes Quebec, But nobody wants to see it leave, And Quebec in return is indifferent to the rest of Canada. Plus, The vast majority of Quebecers identify as Quebecois first with some not identifying as Canadian at all. The differences between Quebec and Canada are so massive that its inevitable. The sooner the seperation the better and Quebec and Canada will be able to talk as equals with mutual respect. Nobody takes advantage of the other.

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  • I'm american so I have no say until I become a PR in a few years

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  • Quebec is like a child who keeps threatening to leave home unless it gets what it demands.

    Quebec needs to learn how to take car of itself without the help of its parent Canada. It needs to learn responsibility and the best way is through secessionism. Quebecers can then take pride in their own achievements. They will be free to embrace whatever politics they wish.

    The rest of Canada would benefit by not having to take care of Quebec. Canada will no longer be required to send transfer payments. This will free up resources for the rest of Canada. Canada would now be equal partners with Quebec.

    Perhaps Quebec should further subdivide when the aboriginal people within its own territory want their own sovereign state too. It would be good for the Indigenous peoples in Quebec to be free and independent.

    If Quebec is serious about independence then it should start making its own currency like Scotland. Quebec needs to show the rest of Canada that it is willing to take responsibility by taking care of its own finances. They should peg it to the Canadian dollar until they have completed their secessionism.

    Vive le Québec libre!

  • Let Them Leave

    All Quebec is is a drain on resources. Not to mention all this political crap over official bilingualism. Let them get the independence they crave so much and let them plummet into bankruptcy. Canada will be better off for it. Canada can focus more on oil and pipelines and less on French crap.

  • Absolutely they should be allowed.

    There should be no reason to stop a province to become a country if the people want to become their own country. It is much better to go the peaceful treaty route than the old war route which would cause more problems. That is my opinion though so not everyone agrees.

  • Quebec can financially become independent

    First of all, Quebec will lack of money and will be missing some important organisations to become a country (organisations and agencies such as CBSA, Federal organisms regulating it's bridges, VIA Rail, Canada Post, Etc. ). However, The provincial governement will be able to collect more taxes to compensate the now-gone federal taxes, Which will subsequently provide more money to the Quebec's government. Knowingly of this, Quebec and Canada could make a deal to temporarly split the expenses of thoses organisations (and have a common border agency and other common agencies, Which is currently done in EU). After further negociations, Canada will be able to tranfer some of it's debt to Quebec while tranfering its possessions on its territory, Which would increase the expenses of Quebec - of course - but would also increase the income of the then-province-now-country. So, Doing a slow and constant transfer of responsability between Canada and Quebec is possible.

    Also, Quebec would no longer have to pay for other provinces' expenses, Such as the Nothern Pipeline administration, The transfers to the territories and provinces that are poorer (if you want, You can refer to the amount of transfers per province/terriroty available on Stat Can's website). Currently, Quebec receives the biggest check, But the lowest per inhabitants, Sinec Quebec did not benefit from other programs like Alberta of Newfoundland when it was time to diversify their economy (Alberta received huge amounts of money to fund their petroleum industry, While Newfoundland and Nova-Scotia had their hydroelectric centrals funded by the federal government. . . Obviously, Quebec did not receive a single penny for the nationalisation of the dams, So it was quite unfair. )

    Should Quebec become a country? Hell yeah. It has a different culture, A different language, And Quebec bashing is quite hard nowadays. Let's just say goodbye, And for the next referendum, Please don't make us cry like in 1995 with your ''Quebec, We love you. We need your money. '' Not anymore.

  • Canada needs to say bye to Quebec

    Well, Since the population at Quebec is 8. 215 million citizens, So I think it should be its own country. They have a lot of people living there and they have five great industries called aerospace, Food processing, Mining, Science, And technology.

    There are French islands just off the east coast of Canada, Why can't Quebec do the same? They can be in Canada but not part of it. Canada is mostly English speaking. Trying to accommodate the French in our English speaking Canada really hasn't worked. We can still be neighbor with Quebec if they want to be their own country or join back up with France.

  • Quebec needs to leave

    There are French islands just off the east coast of Canada, Why can't Quebec do the same? They can be in Canada but not part of it. Canada is mostly English speaking. Trying to accomodate the French in our English speaking Canada really hasn't worked. We can still be neighbours with Quebec if they want to be their own country or join back up with France.

  • They ate my frogs

    The names of my frogs were, Queen Liz, King Edward, Prince Trudeau's, Baron father, Baroness is, Queen Castro. Please if anyone can find the beautiful nice frogs that would make me very happy, But now I'm pretty sure it was the Quebecois and their disgusting faces. Thanks, Big man ok

  • What if they did separate. . .

    I am currently studying the affects of the Quiet revolution and the Separation Movement in Quebec. Both Canada and Quebec have given up a lot and taken a lot when it comes to trying and find a peaceful balance in creating the nation-state of Canada. Yes, Quebec has differences but so does each and every other province and territories. What would happen if Quebec did become its own independent nation would be catastrophic to the national identity of Canadians, No longer being able to identify themselves with French heritage and the dived would put a physical split in Canada, And could lead to Canada becoming dissolved into two other countries, The West side and the East side.

  • They should stay in Canada

    I would say that because it will only be a terrible loss for both Canada and Quebec. Yes Quebec does have a culture, religion, and language, but there is so much more needed to become a country. Peoples conditions will be worse and it will take forever to make them more rich and happy again. Why do all that? Besides, Canada has already given Quebec respect and the right to preserve their culture. They have equal rights and it would easier for Canada and Quebec to work together.

  • They have no reason to

    THEY ARE A PART OF CANADA you can't just decide to become a new country because you have a different culture and language. I think that its very idiotic that people would want to do this and y'all yes voters YOU'RE NOT THINKING RIGHT like if they're french go to Paris or something

  • Currently, no right now

    The reason why I think that Quebec should remain Canadian, is because of how corrupt Quebec is, and it would be way better if Quebec became less Majority French to Majority French and English, with Quebec becoming less of a hostile province of Canada.

    Quebec just needs to become more Canadian/English-Speaking

  • Quebec Don't Deserve It

    Quebec's don't deserve to be their own country, they are already a part of Canada. One part of this includes the fact that they can still preserve their own language and culture, they don't need to be there own country just to say they can have their own language and culture. It takes more than language and culture to persuade others that you are capable of being your own country. Quebec being it's own country would just throw things out of order even more than it already is. Having Quebec stay as a part of Canada makes everything easier.

  • I say NO

    I say no because this will be a waste to become a new country. What we learned will be garbage and they might start a war with Canada or United States. They are close enough it could happen. Quebec is also a major key. It is very important because most of the French population is in Quebec so they will most likely make an alliance with France which will screw us both, Canada and U.S.A.. If Quebec becomes an independent country what stops California to do the same, or British Columbia or Nunavut. British Columbia is already restricted a great deal from the rest of the country and Nunavut has many islands, granted not very many people live there, mostly Inuits. Alaska could also become an independent country because it is also restricted from the rest of its country like British Columbia.

  • Quebec will start another war!

    They started the American war, so if it was independent they would start another war! So don't let them become independent! It is very stupid to let them become independent... Aren't people supposed to be smart?! I don't think so if they let Quebec become independent... Be smart people and listen to this argument and don't do anything stupid!!,!

  • I do not allow Quebec to become an independent country

    Why do i say no that Quebec should not be an independent country because if it becomes than all of our history will not be studied as much as it is being studied know because than they will only study the history that the other independent country has and Quebec probably wont even be called Quebec. I really love Quebec and if it doesn't stay as Quebec than all the history that i have learned about it will just go to waste and then we will have to go live somewhere else if we don't like the rules of the other independent country and that is horrible so i am going to say No about Quebec becoming an independent country. QUEBEC DO NOT DO THIS TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let them leave.

    What currency will they have? What trade offers will they obtain? How will they get into Canada through our boarders?

    Let them do it, the. Wage a war on their new stupid country and take it back.

    That's part of Canada. It belongs to Canadians. They can form their own country somewhere else. I don't care what language you speak. Idiots need to stop trying to divide, and start working together.

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