• Canada should stop prosecuting prostitution.

    People engaged in activities with prostitutes are really the problem. If there are no customers, there's no money to be made and the business fails. Most prostitutes have real problems that lead them to live such a lifestyle. Perhaps serious rehab, education, and better opportunities are a better solution for them than being locked away in a prison.

  • Prostitution is something that will never go away

    Prostitution is one of those things that will most likely never go away. It may be hidden and disguised, but as long a woman or man is will to give their bodies in exchange for money or any other prize, it will still exist. In reality we all pay for sex. Even if you are married, if you take care of the other person and they have sex with you, you are in the end paying for sex. Canada, the United States, and other countries that prosecute for prostitution should go ahead and stop wasting their money on something that will never be demolished.

  • Canada should stop prosecuting prostitution.

    Canada should stop prosecuting prostitution. We have tried for years and decades in America and Canada to stop prostitution and it can not be done. We waste a lot of resources trying to stop something that we do not have any control over. I think they should stop prosecuting prostitution and uses their resources elsewhere.

  • What makes them more special?

    They are evading tax by doing illegal work. They are no better than illegal immigrants accepting cash in hand, and those who are paying them. Trust in the system. Canada is held in high regard with other countries due to a lot of its systems that are in place, like support end medical. Besides, I wouldn't want my children to be subject to people offering their body up for cash.

  • Prostitution is demeaning

    I have never been a supporter of prostitution at all, whether it's legal or not. I do not feel Canada should stop prosecuting prostitution. The way I see it, worst case scenario, these prostitutes get prosecuted, serve their time, and then have no choice but to choose a new career.

  • It is a moral stance.

    No, Canada should not stop prosecuting prostitution, because it is fun to laugh at the Johns who get caught. It is the Johns who should be prosecuted, not the Janes. The Janes who think that they have no other choice should be pitied, not prosecuted. Canada should prosecute the Johns who abuse women in this way.

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