• Yes, they need to do their part.

    The U.S. has been in Afghanistan for over a decade now, so I think that Canada should help out the cause and send soldiers over there. They are also part of the western world, so they also have a responsibility to keep the western world safe from terrorism as well. Most of the grunt work has already been done in Afghanistan as well.

  • Most Certainly Canadian Soldiers Should Help in Afghanistan

    If your neighbor gets his house robbed, or vandalized by a known individual who has the capability of perpetrating a similar act upon your home, wouldn’t the normal citizen come to the aid of his or her neighbor? I guess some people this day and age, might not want to answer that question, but on the larger percentage, most people will defend their neighbor, especially when there is an equal as pressing a threat upon themselves. Canda is our neighbor, and Afghanistan is the current heart of terrorism, a terrorism that we are at war to put an end to. As our neighbor Canada should freely offer military support and assistance to her “neighbor” in the fight against terrorist, whether in Afghanistan or not.

  • Yes, even if you don't agree with the way the US is doing things.

    While there have been previous tragedies involving Canadian soldiers, Canada should feel responsible to do its share when another country takes a lead in nation building. By involving itself and its resources it has more power to attempt to ensure a good, just and fair administration of power is used.

  • Yes Canadian soldiers should be deployed to Afghanistan in fulfillment of Canadian obligations to the UN, NATO and the world community.

    As member of both the NATO and the United Nations (UN) Canada has the obligation to provide combat troops to both UN and NATO operations, and this includes ground troops to Afghanistan. Also since Afghanistan and Canada have established diplomatic relations it shows support for the legitimate government of the country.

  • No, they shouldn't because the American soldiers should even be leaving.

    No, I do not think that Canadian soldiers should go to Afghanistan. I think that at this point, it should be a priority to get the rest of the American soldiers out of Afghanistan. It is not time to bring in new soldiers from other countries. Western states should be less involved than they are now, not more involved.

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