Should Canadian troops have been pulled from Afghanistan years ago?

  • Give the people peace over there

    We should not have been there in the first place. What was our government thinking to get involved. Not our war. Stay out of other countrie's business is what we have to learn. Our soldiers could be well used here in the western countries anyway. AND the money saved could be used on public infrastructure etc etc BRING THEM HOME. Stop this war!

  • The War Needs To End

    All troops need to be out of Afghanistan. It is clear that the locals do not want or need Canadian, American, or English help anymore. It should not be the job of the NATO nations to police the world. The original objective (to kill Bin Laden) has long since been achieved.

  • Canadian troops should not have been pulled from Afghanistan years ago.

    As a member of NATO, Canada is responsible for sending troops to Afghanistan. Canada is an important ally of the United States, and they need to lend their support to their efforts in the War on Terror. It is only with strong international support that terrorism can be stopped in the future.

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