• Yes, canary traps should be used to track down wikileaks.

    Yes, canary traps should be used to track down wikileaks. Wikileaks has caused so much chaos during this election and it needs to be stopped. There is no reason an outside source should interfere with the US democracy. It is sad to see the country lean away from Hillary Clinton.

  • People appreciate Wikileaks.

    Canary traps should not be used to track down Wikileaks, because Wikileaks does a public service. The people in power who run the government do not want government transparency. The little people, however, appreciate honesty in government. If it takes Wikileaks to keep the government honest, that's what should be on the Internet.

  • Given how the government has mishandled sensitiveinformation, canary traps are a bad idea.

    Our government has repeatedly demonstrated its inability to properly obtain and handle sensitive information, so the use of canary traps is unwise and at least ineffectual. The public has a right to know what our government is doing and although wikileaks appears to violate several statutes, the organization has provided the public with valuable information that would have otherwise remained concealed. We should strive for a mofre open and honest form of government and the use of canary traps runs counter to this goal.

  • Nothing should be done to track Wikileaks

    Although Wikileaks is embarrassing to the American government, it's only because the American government does things that it should be ashamed for. I'd much rather that we end the rampant corruption in the government before we go after the people who are exposing it and giving the American people an idea of what is being done in their name.

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