• Yes, why would you say otherwise?

    Why would we leave a bunch of innocent people to die because they got cancer against their will? Everyone has a right to live and so should they. If overpopulation is such a problem for everyone against curing cancer, then kill all criminals. I am a supporter of Death Row and I believe if we were to rid the world of those who kill (I believe them to be inhuman, so they have no right to live) the world's overpopulation would definitely go down. Why say that people who didn't ask to die should die?

  • Of Course Cancer Should be Cured. How Dare Anyone Disagree. Ask Anyone Who Has Seen Their Loved Ones Lose This Battle! Avoided is Better!

    From our own research of many years, we believe that Cancer has a chance of being beat, if people concentrate building up their immune system, by eating and drinking healthy and raw ( fresh greens especially) diet. This can easily be achieved by eating fresh fruit and especially fresh green vegetables daily. Research 'Check out how to optimise immune system'... It works. Try to cut out Acidic foods as much as possible. Check it out! Why not try educating people more in '' how to avoid Cancer'' and many other illnesses... So many people have no idea?

  • Letting people die in pain?? WHY and WHAT FOR ?!

    Who in the world likes to see their OWN family die and suffer badly? Think about the people who have got the disease and how their families must be feeling. Think about their sorrow and their eagerness to find the cure for cancer. Think how they sleep peacefully at night without being in pain. How would it feel if you had the disease? Would it be nice? Curing a disease doesn't lead to disadvantages for the world but actually brings a smile to the people who have been cured... How would you feel if you had to be in that position... Wouldn't you be happy that you have been cured and you have a chance to live life happily once again. :)

  • Yep

    Cancer strikes a surpsingly large fraction of people around the world, but that may be exactly why this is still a question. Humans are dramatically overpopulated as a species so perhaps finding a cure would set an ecological apocalypse in motion. Cancer should definitley be cured for the sake of humanity; however, cancer may also be the opposing force that keeps the population in check.

  • Cancer should be cured

    Cancer is killing more people and 1/3 people born will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime; I think that’s a lot of people! That means approximately 2.34 billion people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. So to those who say we should keep cancer around I say you’re insane.

  • Why shouldn't we?!

    Yes there is an overpopulation problem, yes cancer is a devastasting disease but should we watch each other suffer while we gain?! And for what? A supposed crowded and tainted world?! I say we cure cancer, save the planet, inhabit Mars, and reduce world debt. That... Is my wish. :D

  • Cancer is a painful disease, there are other ways to stop worrying about overpopulation

    Obviously, no one deserves to die, especially in some painful manner. That is why cancer must be cured. Loved ones and unloved ones, they are all deserving of their own lives. Even if they hate it. Let science figure out the overpopulation problem. Who knows, one day we'll probably be able to travel and eventually (in a couple centuries or so) live on other planets. Let's not give science a limit, especially with a theory like that, a theory that can save lives.

  • Of course cancer should be cured

    Of course cancer should be cured. Do we have the technology to cure all cancers? No. But we should continue to seek cures for cancer because it can end human life short. If we can cure cancer I think it would be one of the biggest milestones in human history.

  • The cancer industry

    Cancer has taken the lives of so many. Every year pharmaceutical companies make millions of dollars from the cancer industry. There is scientific proof of a ground breaking and CHEAP cure for cancer. But the companies that get MILLIONS of dollars in donations each year won't fund these. WHY you ask? Because people are greedy and many pharmaceutical companies would go out of business if a cheap cure was patented. Also many people will debate that the world would be overpopulated without cancer or aids. This is simply an excuse and a easy way of "fixing" a large problem. It is proved that EDUCATION is the #1 way to prevent over population. The truth is that there are many reasons to be against the cure for cancer. But the reasons that people are against cancer is simply because that is one simple way to fix the many problems on our planet. There are MANY other options for any con that you can come up with for being against a cure for cancer. No one on this planet did anything of significance by simply choosing the easiest path. Sitting back and watching innocent people die horrible deaths because industries want to be rich and the government doesn't want to deal with large scale issues, is the same as watching the holocaust and saying it's okay because there was an economic crisis in Germany and those people needed to die to fix it. That is ridiculous and until people speak out and take a stand. We will continue to live in a world where MILLIONS die because of corporate companies and the government. We live in a sick world and until we open our eyes and demand for a difference, we will never have change.

  • Yes, thousands of people are dying.

    Cancer is the most painful disease that people in the world suffer from. Cancer causes not just pain to the people that have cancer but to the people that are the family members of the patient. Cancer is a uncontrolled growth or abnormal cells in the body. People are being treated for cancer by taking medication but they should not have to live with the pain and suffering everyday of their lives because there’s no cure.

  • Exponential Growth - A mini-study.

    Much like any other biological organism, humans have grown exponentially when provided with the correct setting. You place algae in a pond that has the perfect temperature and amount of good quality nutrients then it will feed and reproduce repeatedly until the entire pond area is covered with green micro organisms - so much so that the sun is blocked from reaching the plants that provided nutrition for the algae. The population falls and rises in this manner until a (though fluctuating) mid point has been reached; this is called the 'carrying capacity'. At this point the algae population has reached a peak, or 'appropriate', population size which allows for the comfortable survival of it's inhabitants without using up too many resources.

    Humans are undergoing this original exponential growth. In the 1800s our population was 1 billion. 100 years later in the early 20th century the population had risen by around 650 million to 1.65 million. At the dawn of the millennium, once again a 100 year time lapse, we reached 6 billion. In 2013 we are at 7.12 million. As you can see it is increasing rapidly, much like the algae in the pond.

    We have avoided the inevitable of food shortages - in developed countries - by creating GM products, but this soon won't cope with the demand. We need some culling of the population to reduce the population density which in places such as china is already causing the average household to be cramped in a space of around 15m^2, often a lot smaller for single individuals.

    Cancer is not nice, it's not pretty, but it's required - much like the plagues of old - to reduce the global population. Many would say that it's easy to speak in a hypothetical manner when arguing for such draconian measures, however the fact that we will likely reach 10 billion before 2050 is a massive worry. We have a relatively small planet and nature is attempting to help us.

    We should take natures offer saving grace and not attempt to cut off her hand.

  • No never

    The world we live in is overpopulated, and without diseases such as CANCER and AIDS, we could not have to opportunity to live the great life we do. A close family member of mine died of cancer, and because of this, i obtained all of his belongings and live a much happier life. This is why i believe without cancer, everyone would live in poverty because we would have to share OUR wealth with cancer patients.

  • One word: Overpopulation.

    Curing cancer will only kill more people. Why? Because the world is already overpopulated, and one of that main reasons is all of these medical advancements that are keeping people alive who should have died a long time ago. Modern medicine is destroying the planet, and very soon it will run out of resources and not be able to support all of these people who were meant to die. Cancer is a naturally occurring disease, just like any other medical condition. Yes, it sucks, yes, it kills people and pets, but it is nature. It's time humans stopped fighting nature and learn to be a part of it, even though it can be cruel.

  • it has been

    the point of death is not to prolong it, the point is to cease existence. without death there cannot be life and without life there cannot be death. a cure is only a time buying measure and while it is deeply sad that our loved ones die it is a fact of life. whether they go before us or after us, we are all headed down the same path. the more of us that continue to live means the less we have to support the next generation.

  • No to curing disease

    We should protect our planet. Humans are not superior, and vital attempts to rid the world of disease only shows humans selfish desire for immediate gratification.
    Curing disease = population growth = famine/pollution/war/pain. It's not a solution, it's an ignorant humanistic attempt to solve a problem without looking at the wider picture. We should not try to mess with nature, we should embrace it and accept it.

  • It's about how we percieve cancer.

    People may go on and on about how sad cancer makes people, and how bad it is. But it's still how they percieve it. Nobody recognizes some of the good cancer has done. It has united people against a common foe and created inspiration, courage, and determination. It has also created jobs since there are so many institutes and organizations devoted to cancer. Now I'm not saying I would love to see all my friends and family have cancer, but it's a part of life. And I'm okay with that. Plus, there are too many people in is world. Soon enough there won't be enough resources to sustain the high population of human life. Besides, we humans are leeches. There should be less of us. What's so great about saving the lot of us anyway? People want cancer to be gone simply because it'd sad for them. Human values are all based on selfishness. I'm just saying I'd prefer if cancer never got cured, and the research for it continued.

  • The Population increase

    I have had family with cancer and i probably might have it one day.But i think nature should take its course. Whether we like it or not the population is getting bigger and to have diseases cured is not a fine way to deal with a already dying world. Their is already proof that we have a overpopulation because of cures as their was a documentary on it from scientist around the world. China has a one child per family i be not surprised that one day the west will have to do it

  • Logic and math

    When you think realistically the human population was only a few hundred million around 200 years ago and due toadvances in medicine killing off dseases human sruvival rate and lifespan has gone up. Due to all these advances there is a large amount of elderly in the world putting financial strain on some while the fast increasing growth of human population is demanding more food production and resources which puts more strain on the planet.

    So with simple logic and math its easy to see that diseases k the human population in check for thousands of years just like with animals yet in some ways medical science is the real threat since they're trying to cure every disease possible.

  • Curing cancer will destroy the world at a faster pace

    It is terrible that people out there are suffering from cancer and that families have to go through the pain as well. The problem is is that we have way! To many people on this Earth already. China will run out of food by 2050. Now imagine a world where people don't die. Resources of vast amounts can even sustain our population right now, even in the long term, the only solution to reduce our impact on the environment is better policy and less people. Cancer is pretty much the #1 killer for developed countries who use already significant amount of resources to sustain livelihood. If people don't die, a lot of synergism problems are going to occur and the result could be catastrophic. Humans through out the years keep wanting to cheat death and live longer, yet hopefully cancer is going to be the one thing we cant cure. Even if a cure is developed, nature is going to craft some crazy virus to knock us out. Humans need to accept that their time is up and stop delaying the inevitable. No cure will benefit future generations.

  • We cant simply "have less kids"

    I see many people responding that we can solve overpopulaion by having less kids. We obviously do not have the self control and sense of responsibility it takes to restrain from overpopulating. As seen in china regulations about number of children leads to people still have multiple children and then simply abandoning them instead. We are not above disease as a form of population control because it is the last thing keeping us from ravaging every last peice of existing resources, which we will in the coming years anyway. So no curing cancer would not be a positive thing. I understand how horrible it is as all disease is, but it is a natural part of the circle of life. Since we cant control ourselves reproductively, we cannot destroy the last connection to the circle of life.

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