Should cancer cures (yes) be more important than cancer prevention (no)?

  • There is no way to prevent it

    Radiation from microwaves,wi-fi,mobile phones ,towers are everywhere.
    Chemicals in the food you eat,even fruits is dangerous
    Cancer is an environmental disease.You can't change any of this.Pollution is there too which has many carcinogenic stuff in it.
    So working towrds a cure is better than finding a way to prevent it.

  • Cure and prevention

    Simply preventing cancer cannot possibly be effective 100% of the time - people's cells need to replicate in order for a person to continue living in general. Curing cancers would also imply prevention to at least some degree, and would be a more realistic option for people today and in the future.

  • If we could find cures for cancer and prevention would not be needed as much.

    Once we figure out a cure for cancer it would help to eradicate the disease all together. There are of course some easy preventative measures for some cancers like self-exams and wearing sun screen. As well as living a more healthy lifestyle. You can never completely prevent cancer without having a cure for it.

  • Work for the cure first.

    I went back and forth on this one a couple times, but in the end I had to decide that finding a cure was more important than prevention. I know it seems backwards, but if we have a cure we can fix a lot of people who have and who get cancer right now. The work on prevention can happen later.

  • Prevention is easier

    While a cure for cancer would certainly be an important breakthrough and by all means SHOULD be studied, education about cancer prevention can help people from ever developing the disease in the first place. A stitch in time saves nine, as they say, and people should be taught about how to live healthy lifestyles from an early age.

  • No. I do not agree that cancer cures should be more important than cancer prevention.

    No. I do not agree that cancer cures should be more important than cancer prevention , because they are equally important. it all works together, if we focus exclusively on cures. It would on serve to increase the number of people that need to be cured. Currently there is no cure. So that would be a bad idea.

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